Question re: pregen Thornkeep credit for a new player?

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We have a brand new player who just started with us at our local PFS. The day he came, we were running Level 2 of Thornkeep, so he wound up playing Iconic Valeros (at level 4).

From the Roleplaying Guild Guide section on playing pregenerated characters in modules (pg. 31):

PFSRGG wrote:
If you play a non-1st-level pregenerated character, you may apply credit from the pregenerated character to one of your 1st-level characters, with the gp gained reduced to 1,398 gp (or 699 gp for slow advancement track characters).

What about XP? Does the new player get the 3 XP the module grants, or just 1 XP?

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3xp. If a scenario is played rather than a module, it is 1xp & 500gp.

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Yep, I know it for scenarios, I just wasn't sure for modules. Okay, thank you!

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