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It´s aliiiiiiive!

My adaption of the Carrion Crown Adventure Path for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is finally done!

Ok, so, what is this exactly?
It´s a complete Adventure Path for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, including a 3-Scenario Prologue and six 5-Scenario Adventures.

So what is Carrion Crown exactly?
It´s an (awesome) Adventure Path for the Pathfinder RPG that pits the heroes against opponents from classic horror themes – Ghosts, Golems, Werewolves, Lovecraftian Horrors, Vampires and Liches, oh my!

What´s included in your Adventure Path?
There´s 4 new heroes (emulating the heroes from my RPG campaign), scenario rules for 33 scenarios complete with henchmen, villains and loot, plus hundreds of new boons and banes.

So, all the cards are inspired by Carrion Crown then?
Most of them are inspired by Carrion Crown, some are inspired by my own campaign, and others are just stuff I came up with myself because I didn´t feel like re-using stuff from Rise of the Runelords or Skull & Shackles.

Wait, do I need the Rise of the Runelords or Skull & Shackles Adventure Paths to play this?
Yes, you will need at least one of these. Each scenario has a list of cards that you need to pull from RotR and S&S, though you could easily replace the cards from one set with fitting ones from the other.

So Carrion Crown uses cards from RotR and S&S?
Yes, mostly basic stuff (why make a new Dagger card when there is a perfectly fine one already?). Later Adventures each use about 10-15 cards from RotR and S&S.

How does it compare to the other sets?
I personally found S&S an improvement over RotR, so CC is closer to S&S then RotR. The difficulty should be about the same as S&S (though there´s no Plunder mechanic, so good non-loot boons are harder to come by).

I have not played WotR very far, so have not incorporated any cards, and only a few mechanics (Mongrelfolk, wheee!) from that set. In comparison, CC seems a bit „fairer“ to me (I´m looking at you, Arboreal Blight!), but of course the characters aren´t as strong as in WotR and the scope of the campaign isn´t as epic.

So, have you playtested this at all?
I have taken a 4-person party and a 3-person party through it and it works fine for those party sizes. Not sure about fewer or more players, but I don´t see why it shouldn´t work for those as well. I´m just one little fellow though, so my playtesting obviously isn´t as extensive as what Paizo does...

So, tell me more about those new heroes you mentioned earlier!
There´s Beleak, the tough Half-Orc Gunslinger; Kumiko, the charming Elf Ninja; Horace P. Dingleberry, the nutty Halfling Alchemist; and Murielle, the mysterious Human Witch.

What else is new?
Well, hopefully most scenarios should have a unique feel to them, even if you don´t know the plot of Carrion Crown. Here´s a short overview over the adventures:

The Haunting of Harrowstone – There´s a strong focus on non-combat skill checks to overcome the spirits that haunt a small town.
Trial of the Beast – You need to gather Clues rather then defeat villains to defend the innocent Beast in the eponymous trial.
Broken Moon – A more traditional combat-focused adventure against savage Werewolves and evil Necromancers.
Wake of the Watcher – The closer you get to your enemies, the more insane you become – which might turn out to be more helpful then you think after all!
Ashes at Dawn – You mostly choose wether to make allies out of the local Vampire population – or to make dust of them.
Shadows of Gallowspire – As you get closer to the final showdown, you will face some of the toughest opponents in the game so far – which is to be expected, most of them are liches after all...

There is also a bunch of new traits that interact with a lot of cards, like Secret Knowledge, Whispering Way, Insanity or Flying; as well as tons of boons and banes that hopefully feel like you haven´t encountered them a hundred times before already.

Can I play this with any character?
All classes are supported by the card pool (I think), but seeing as Carrion Crown is VERY Undead-heavy, some characters will be better suited then others. Mental or Poison-focused characters will probably not have a very good time, for example.

So how is this formatted?
I have uploaded PDF´s onto my dropbox (link below). There is one with the character sheets, one with all the scenarios (I prefer half-page scenario cards instead of the standard tiny ones), and then one PDF with the cards for each Adventure.

What gives man, no artwork on the cards?
I have a set with gorgeous Paizo-artwork that I can´t publish for copyright reasons (so please don´t ask me for them), and since I´m not exactly Picasso there is no artwork, sorry. If anyone out there would like to take it upon themselves to come up with illustrations though, feel free!

I have rules questions, what should I do?
First of all, please use the most up to date rules book provided by Paizo if at all possible (right now that would be the WotR rulebook). Second, for questions about cards from RotR or S&S, refer to the FAQ´s of those Paths.

For further questions, please just post them on the Paizo Homebrew PF Adventure Card Game forums and I will try to answer them as soon as possible!
http://paizo.com/paizo/messageboards/paizoPublishing/pathfinder/adventureCa rdGame/homebrew

Can I distribute this further?
Sure, as long as you comply to the Paizo Cummunity Use Rules and don´t claim ownership of the content.

Download link:
Link redacted

Is this a follow-up or prequel to events that happened in Carrion Crown? A direct port of Carrion Crown to PACG isn't allowed under community use:


Vic Wertz wrote:
I will note that while the CUP lets you use characters and locations from most of our products, it only allows people doing campaign journals or play-by-posts to use storylines from those products. This means that you're not allowed to adapt a storyline that we've published (so you can't do, say, the Carrion Crown adventure path), but you are allowed to make up your own stories (so you *could* come up with a parallel storyline using characters and locations from Skull & Shackles, or you could come up with new adventures extending the story of Rise of the Runelords).


This is quite impressive work, and I'm excited to give it a try. The break before Mummy's Mask will give my group some time to dig in here, and I'll be sure to note my thoughts. Since we played almost all of the Carrion Crown RPG, I think we'll all get the adventure gist in the way we did with RotR (which we played as the RPG) but didn't with S&S or WotR (which we haven't played as the RPG).

Since I don't sleeve, though, I'd like to get the cards through DriveThruCards--do you have them available there? (At least, for the ones supported by DriveThruCards at the moment?) If not, do you have plans to do so? If so, we'll wait for those to go up.

Congrats on doing Paizo's job for them! =p
This is pretty great, though I've only skimmed it so far. As Ron said, this is just in time as a nice answer for the fast PACG players who are going to be shafted a bit by the Mummy's Mask pushback. Feels almost....planned. I call conspiracy!

Community & Digital Content Director

Removed the link in the original post. This kind of project isn't covered in our Community Use Policy as Autoduelist mentioned above.

Hi guys! Sorry, I don´t have the cards on DriveThruCards and won´t put them on there either since apparently it´s against the Community Use Policy.

So far, my communication with Paizo had pointed towards it being allowed, so this is pretty sad. :(

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