Need suggestions for a Wrath of the Righteous campaign


My friend is going to be running a Wrath of the Righteous campaign soon, and I was wanting to do some planning and character design. I wanted to make a Bloodborne-style 'hunter' of sorts. Not the actual hunter class, but a man who hunts vile demons and uses any way possible to kill them. He doesn't particularly have to be a man of faith, either.

I would appreciate some suggestions and ideas to help build a useful character as well as blend him into the world so he could partake in the story without being too contrived.

I was thinking of playing a skinwalker. Don't know though if that's fine. What's their RP?

This is what the DM told me:

Starting Rules:
oddities that i encourage for my game. 20 point buy but free +2 to any one stat or +1 to 2 stats after point buy nothing over 20. If you pick a race that is under 15 Build points you can select appropriate traits to bring it up to 15. The story trait is free so it does not count towards your limit. We will be using Unchained rules for background and you can select an unchained class.


Half werewolf. Or were-whatever. Exact flavor varies on the type of were creature, but I am sure you can get a general gist of the implications.

Some have vaguely nice stuff, but it is locked behind a transformation mechanic that is a bit...weird. But since you are getting 5 rp points to add to it, you should be fine since you can patch it to 'good'.

So for class/item suggestion- how about either a ranger or a slayer, with a double weapon?

I suggest those classes since they are appropriate enough flavor wise- no heavily armored, but specialized in skills and damage. A ranger with favored enemy (evil outsider) would most likely not find himself short changed in this AP.

Now, the double weapon- ti can switch between 2 handed and a light/onehanded combo, which gives it options (TWF when you full attack, 2 hand when you have to do big hits). For something that seems particularly blood borne-y, you could use the weighted spear- one end is a spear, the other is a mace like head. And the combo has the nice doubled vibe from the game. All in a single simple weapon, which means almost anyone can use it.

What's a good double weapon I could use?

Well, weighted spears have that weird....two property thing bloodborne has going on. One end is a spear, the other is a weighted, mace like head. Also, it is a simple weapon that can do metal special materials. So that works out for any race.

But hey- you have 5 rp to spend. You could probably grab anything. The only thing that seems like an immediate upgrade from that would be the double bladed sword (which has 19-20/x2)

Monk's spade any good?

Ah, true, that is an option. And it could get past both bludgeoning and slashing damage (no idea if many undead are in WotR, but it comes from a simple enough cross class spell, so you might as well not leave yourself open). And as a martial weapon, lots of classes can use it easily.

Really though- unlike reach weapons, double weapons usually don't have that much difference between eachother. Except for quarterstaves- they generally can't be metal, so they have trouble with DR/cold iron or silver.... which comes up in this AP, obviously.

So mostly pick something appealing without the cost of EWP, and you are fine.

You are going to be mythic which changes a lot of options. I have run Wrath up until the final two encounters which are later this month.

Dex based double weapon fighting looks ,as mythic weapon finesse lets you do dex to damage so using 2 light weapons is much better than normal , I never use double weapons so I can't think of any which count as light weapons/

Ranger favored enemy evil outsider is in fact so useful it is nearly broken, as is Paladin smiting

Otherwise don't worry too much about optimisation this is a good opportunity to play the cool character which is distinctly weaker than you would like in some way as Mythic will make up for any weakness.

Backstory wise look at the campaign traits they are incredibky powerful and directly tie you into some subplots. You will want the Champion, guardian or maybe trickster trait as your concept is not a caster.
Any character who wants to save the world from demons will work , it helps if you have some willingness to redeem your enemies rather than just kill them all, but as long as the character can be argued out of killing by the other pc's occasionally then wanting to kill them all works ok.

If you need a weird weapon you cannot use at 1st level make sure you have one with you or clear it with the gm (so he can make arrangments) as getting new equipment at levels 1-4 is slightly hard but not a problem after that

Wow, thanks for the advice! :)

I'll see what I can do then. It sounds like Ranger is the way to go. I wonder if there's an archetype that works best against outsiders.

Tanglebriar Demonslayer is an archetype which specialises in fighting demons

JohnHawkins wrote:
Dex based double weapon fighting looks ,as mythic weapon finesse lets you do dex to damage so using 2 light weapons is much better than normal , I never use double weapons so I can't think of any which count as light weapons/

As far as I remember, no, there isn't. It is 2 handed or 1handed+light. They are not friendly for the dex based builds commonly associated with TWF.

It is why I suggest using it paired with ranger or slayer. They get TWF with no strings attached, so they could get str based TWF. And strength benefits the most with double weapons, since they can do 2 handed attacks as well.

You could also do str based TWF with other classes, but that tends to get more expensive at point buy. I could use a 20 point buy to makea fair enough str based TWF fighter, but it splits things abit. No needs for dumps though (mostly make one side 16 and the other 14+2 racial; 4th level ability score increase makes dex 17, which is enough for the important stuff)

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