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363. In order to facilitate true horror, any time a character "summons" a creature, the player must use a Monopoly board during the ritual. Ouijas are for Oussys!

364. VIXIE NO--

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365. It is legal to use a human sacrifice of one of the players as a replacement for any spell component.

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366. Any time your neighbors are making so much noise that you can't concentrate on the game, you can only send the player who is playing a Paladin to ask your neighbors to quiet down. Otherwise you just treat it as a noisy Inn.

367. Encumbrance rules will apply to the player as well. Every item their character carries will be emulated through a set of weights applied to the player's hiking backpack.

GoatToucher wrote:
169. "Why does it burn when I pee?" is not an appropriate question to ask when communing with a deity.

169B. A heal check DC10 will tell you if you have an STD. It will therefore be a waste of a scarce question.

368) Anyone wanting to play a Skald from another planet must first be able to recite the entire Tattúínárdǿla saga from memory.

369) Goblin PCs who agree to be named by another PC are automatically upgraded to hobgoblins.

370)A robe of useful items should include a catapult capable of launching a gnome in spiked armor.

371)Before a PC researches a spell summoning a pinch happy crab into a foes armor, the GM must tell them if they will allow the spell at all.

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372) Don't make the GM angry, you would not like him when he is angry.

373)The maximum spell level is equal to how much fun the GM wants the game to be, on a scale from 1-10. (Spacefinder is the exception because god machines.)

374)Bump. Not the first unusable rule on this list, and it won't be the last.

375)This is the same year so Karen cannot scream "Thread Necromancy"!

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376. It is well within the GM's right to have the players spread a contagious disease (without their knowledge) around the world until it becomes a global pandemic. And all attempts to discover the infection sooner automatically fail.

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377:All posts that contain links to viruses, trojans, or any other malware must be reported as spam.

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378. When roleplaying sexual encounters, all those involved must wear prophylactics.

378a. On their noses.

378b. Anyone who sneezes into his/her prophylactic during this encounter gains the benefits of a lesser restoration spell and a small XP award!

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Harkevich wrote:
299. Excessive Elvish Nationality and Racism will no longer be tolerated

379. Excessive anti-Elven racism will be punished in due course by having the offending PC wind up in a hopeless certain-doom situation, only to be miraculously rescued by the heroic intervention of Legolas and Drizzt Do'Urden.

The only time I have ever encountered racism in a tabletop gaming group is when I met a guy who, even OOC, seriously hated Elves, and would scarcely ever shut up about it. I am not making this up.

Goth Guru wrote:

The website was blocked due to trojan.

377:All posts that contain links to viruses, trojans, or any other malware must be reported as spam.

377a:This post is left up as an ad. for Malwarebytes. Don't click on a mysterious link without it.

380:AntiDisestablishmentarianism is a cult that only really exists so it's members can call on all other members to participate in a ritual. If there is a meeting announced, it is really a ritual.

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381. If there are at least 5 or six players and each person is wearing clothes of different colours (e.g. one person is wearing red clothes and another person is wearing blue clothes, etc), then the game is declared to have a Power Rangers setting.

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382. Grig Astrologers may cast wish with no need for an expensive material component.

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