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hello everyone,

I created a french FB page where I'll post all my creations(I try to translate my publications) . Essentially buildings elevations, castles and fortifications, some NPCs and maps.
I hope you'll find your happiness.
First I made all these plans for me. Now I tell myself that I can share part.
I will update this page with color maps, sketchs. I would present my WIP.
I know that the pathfinder community like it :)




Beautiful work. Thank you for posting them.

Silver Crusade

Très belle et utile . Merci

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Excelente trabajo!


Scarab Sages

These are gorgeous, excellent work. I like the way that you have lines between the different sections indicating exactly where they would connect in the third dimension. Plus, the attention to detail is beautiful. Pro work.


Keep us updated when new work is added to the page!

Beautiful work; très magnifique!

Thank you everyone :)

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