Help me with an Unchained Ninja


Has anyone converted the Ninja Class to an Unchained Ninja? I was going to start working on it but didn't want to recreate the wheel.

This might help:

I had a very simple "remove everything of the core rogue from the unchained rogue, add ninja", it's not good though.

Unchained Rogue -> Unchained Ninja:

Rogue -> Ninja
Knowledge (dungeoneering) -> Knowledge (nobility)
hand crossbow, rapier, sap -> kama, katana, kusarigama, nunchaku, sai, shuriken, siangham, wakizashi
Trapfinding -> Poison Use
Evasion -> Ki Pool
Rogue Talent -> Ninja Trick*
Danger Sense -> No Trace
[@ 6th level] -> Light Steps

*since the Unchained Rogue has all rewritten Rogue Talents, it might be advisable to either use those or rewrite the Ninja Tricks.

Those are all the differences I can spot.

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I would give ninja the rogues dex to damage and then mostly leave it at that. If ninja wants rogue talents, go off the UNC Rogue instead of core. Really ninja tricks are much better than most rogue talents.

Thanks guys. Those made this real easy. The new Unchained Rogue has some many awesome options. And, the Unchained Ninja is just Sick!

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