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If I am a rogue with levels in the Shadowdancer PrCl, do I count, for a rogue talent like resiliency, wich states, that I get temp. hit points equal to twice my rogue level, both classes, or only the rogue levels?!

I think, it's only rogue, but I want to be sure.

Do you mean the Rogue talent?

I was going to say no, but given that a Shadowdancer gets rogue talents as well, I'd say they're probably intended to stack for Talents, at least, but not much else. Otherwise, it might matter which class you took the talent from, and I believe the devs have erred against that kind of book-keeping (see: retraining rules and qualifying for feats).

Liberty's Edge

Yes, I meant the rogue talent. Sorry. corrected it.
Yes, one is inclined to to let both classes count. I am still not sure what's RAW...

RAW: No. Rogue levels are not shadowdancer levels, and there are no shadowdancer abilities that count shadowdancer levels as rogue levels for any purposes.

That being said, I think it would be a very fair and balanced house-rule.

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