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Just checking in on something that people have probably already posted a bunch about.

Can Antipaladins intimidate mindless creatures? They ignore regular immunities to fear, does this allow them, by RAW, to scare mindless things? If so, does this, by RAI, allow them to do that?


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Yes you may intimidate mindless things as an antipaladin. You can literally Intimidate a rock, though it can't really run away or anything, but dam did you scare that rock good.

An onteresting point there. Will have to read into the intimidate skill deep, but so far it looks like this:

Is your house on fire? Call in the Antipaladin Firefighter squad - they'll scare the fire right out of your building. Granted they'll sack it afterwards and burn down the whole neighbourhood around, but YOUR house will be just fine.

Silver Crusade

It all makes sense now.. all the Ghostbusters.. were antipaladins!

It makes the phrase " I ain't 'fraid no Ghost!" Concrete. They even charged great prices for their services.


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