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Age of Worms Adventure Path

I am starting Whispering Cairn tomorrow (Friend's RotRL game went longer than expected). We are as a Pathfinder game and we are trying out Automatic Bonus Progression. My original plan was to remove all of the attribute bonus items and then modify treasure appropriately to reach the half treasure threshold of ABP.

However, I forgot about Zosiel's Diadem. How should I handle this? Should I leave it as is since it is an artifact and allow for the wisdom bonus to apply on top of the bonus granted by Bonus Progression? Should I remove the wisdom bonus and just have it have the other effects? Should I change the wisdom bonus to something else? If so what?


My group is in TFoE right now, and I've just switched to Automatic Bonus Progression. This was after they got the Diadem, so it reverted to non-magical, like anything else.

If I was in your position, I'd remove the Wisdom bonus and have something else that doesn't interfere with ABP instead.

I would not suggest making it nonmagical, since I guarantee the players will pawn it. I'm not super familiar with pathfinder items, but I went through the headband slot and found the "headband of intuition," which grants augury 3/day.

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