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i've become intrested in purchacing Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Races in both a hard copy and a pdf, is there a bundle i could use to buy both at a discounted price or is the only way to get both at an afordable price to subscribe to the Campaign Setting.
But since the only book im really intrested in buying is the Inner Sea Races i wouldnt really keep the subscription, so is it ok to subscribe just to cancel once i get the book?

Subscription is the only way, I believe; should be okay to cancel it though, you just have to notify them when you are doing so.

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It is allowed, although I don't know how it interacts with your AP sub. (ie if you've already got your September shipment, this might be delayed until October). In that instance, you'll probably need CS's help to ensure you don't inadvertently receive Distant Shores as well.

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Hello Biztak,

Here4daFreeSwag and Steve are correct. Both the physical copy and the PDF are available separately. To get them together you would need to subscribe. You can cancel the subscription right after the book though. Since subscription orders have already shipped if you subscribe now it will go into your sidecart to ship along with your October subscription order. If you do that let us know and we can make sure that the subscriptions cancels with that book and does not send you Dsstant Shores.

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