GMs of Paizo: Can you rez an NPC that had a Sihedron Rune burned in it?

Rise of the Runelords

RotRL Chapter 4 potential spoilers:

The Stone Giants raided Sandpoint and captured 8 NPCs. The PCs chased the Stone Giants back to Jorgenfist where they defeated Lokansir and rescued the NPCs. However, to make the chase more meaningful and give the PCs a sense of urgence, I made some of the NPCs already dead/sacrficed when the PCs finally arrived (determined randomly by dice rolls (1 of the Scarnettis died as well as Kaye (owner of the pixies kitten)). Each of these people had the Sihedron Rune burned in them prior to their sacrifice or death.

The PCs want to resurrect, reincarnate or raise dead an NPC who has been marked with a Sihedron Rune. Can they do this and if yes (I'd like to try and make this work somehow) does it work as intended?

Possible reason why it wouldn't work:
I think the souls of people marked go fuel the Runewells ... Can this still work?

One of the NPCs in question is very meaningful to one of the PCs, can I make this work somehow without playing down the seriousness of being marked by a Sihedron Rune and dying?

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That reads in the item section for Soul Lens.

"The soul lens has but a single purpose—whenever a creature is subjected to a specific ritual in which its body is branded, tattooed, or otherwise marked with the Sihedron rune, the lens can focus upon that creature’s soul. At any point thereafter when the marked creature dies, its soul passes through this lens on its way into the afterlife and eventual judgement before Pharasma—as the soul passes through, the soul lens filters elements of the sin of greed from the soul and focuses that fragment of soul-energy into the runewell of greed. This does not significantly damage the soul (although it does cause it a severe amount of spiritual anguish)—a creature that dies and has its soul filtered through the soul lens can still be brought back to life as normal."

Oh perfect! I haven't read that far in. Thanks for pointing this out.

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