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Sure it's excessive. Sure it's completely unnecessary. But binding all three volumes of the Book of the Damned together would be pretty metal, right?

While I would normally be up for the challenge of DIYing it, I'd hate to botch the binding process--the results would be too wasteful (my three volumes are perfectly fine as-is).

On the flip side, it seems that Bible restoration is a major source of business for professional bookbinding services. Commissioning someone to bind the Books of the Damned strikes me as, at best, perhaps a little eccentric. At worst... well, I certainly don't want to offend anyone.

So my question for you fine folks--moral and metaphysical ramifications aside--is this: how would you do it?

Or, HAVE you done it? I'd imagine someone out there has bound an old 1E module at some point or another.

My main concern is that I'd be stuffing three volumes--which were designed and formatted to each be bound on their own--into a single edition.

I suppose I could reach out for a quote and just hold off on mentioning the nature of the materials... But I figured someone here might have experience bookbinding themselves, or perhaps know of an Etsy account or something similar that would be excited (rather than repulsed) by my outreach.

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Are they case or perect bound?

How pages are you talking about binding?

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Wait, you mean the Chronicles books?

Those are perfect bound. This makes things harder, and I don't think have a whole lot of gutter which means the book may not open well if over stitched.

Thanks for the responses guys! Krensky's right, they're perfect bound, and Eileen, I'd be looking to take three 64-pg books and lumping them together (my hope was with maybe the cover art of Horseman--no text etc.--to serve as the first page).

Krensky, yeah, my guess was that theoretically I *could* bind them, but then I'd never be able to open the dang thing. SOME BOOKS WERE MEANT TO REMAIN UNOPENED, I guess.

That said, I'll keep looking into it for the time being...

If your were looking for a spiral bound I can help you but not with a perfect bound set-up. I'm in search of perfect bound myself.

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