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Dear people at Paizo,

I know it is a hard time currently for you. I notice it in the panels, in your post the forum or on social media. So I just want to say thank you to all of you!

Thank you for making such a wonderful world! Thank you for making such rich products! Thank you for RPG systems! Thank you for your push to Openness and Inclusiveness! Thank you for the personal and great Customer Service!

While I am not happy with everything, this is because I fear for you. I fear that there is mistreatment of you, the people creating such a wonderful base for all of our hobby. But I do not want you to be unhappy because of my fears or the push of the community. And I think this all is taking a toll on you.

So please let me tell you: Thank you and I love you!


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Usually I would jump on a Thank you Paizo thread faster than light, for all the good points you mention.

I am very sad and a little angry that I am unable to do it right now.

I hope Paizo's management and owners take the appropriate steps so that I can thank Paizo again in the future.

Love to all who hurt and hope for the future.

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I am really thankful for the work that was done by Paizo and its people as it helped me through some dark times.


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I could go into a story about how playing Starfinder is what allowed my friend group to stay in touch weekly throughout the pandemic lockdowns, or how my son and I like to spend our time going through the bestiaries and pointing out the coolest monsters. There are lot's of things I can thank you for really.

From what I've read there is a lot of drama going on right now, and I'm sorry you have to go through this. You have brought my family and friends a tremendous amount of happiness and enjoyment, so thanks.

I don't know if it helps, but I won't be cancelling any of my subscriptions over this. I don't put much stock in online drama, and I want to continue to support the creative people who have brought so much joy into my life. I realize that the most important thing in that calculation is making sure you get paid, so that you can live. The primary way I can help with that is purchase products from your company (patreon is nice, but last I checked they don't offer health insurance).

Thanks again!

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I'm with the OP despite me not supporting 2e and Starfinder. I love the 1e APs, modules and Golarion campaign setting. I'm also a huge fan of the older 3.5 stuff that started with the Shackled City AP.

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Thank you Paizo, even if this is goodbye.

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