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I'm looking for a part time job in San Francisco, or maybe Daly City or South San Francisco or around Jack London Square in Oakland, and I have no idea what in the Sam Hill I'm doing. I was trained on this stuff at Job Corps, but then I got my job at De Anza ludicrously easily, and that was a couple years ago. So I'm probably not doing it right. Also can't work food service because of a medical thing, which restricts options. I'd prefer clerical work (I did complete the Office Administration program at Job Corps, so it seems natural), but I've mostly applied to sales because there doesn't seem to be much clerical work available.

Anyway, I put in some applications this weekend. I applied to 4 Bevmo locations, 3 Cost Plus locations, 1 Pier 1 location, 3 Costco locations, and 1 MUJI location. My Dad says to call them in a few days since I applied online. I have a feeling I should probably do something other than apply online, but not sure what it is. There is a part time job fair at my university on Thursday, and I don't have class Thursdays, so I will naturally be there all day, but maybe you guys know other things I could be doing?

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Have you considered visiting some of the places you've applied to? Sometimes, talking to the manager face to face can help convince them you're serious about working for them. A note, though; make sure the application doesn't say "do not visit us in person".

Can you do any type of physical job at all? Or does you medical issues prevent that?

If you can I would suggest working for UPS...part time...great benefits(true after a year).

You could see about getting X-Mas work as a driver's helper...

I could certainly go visit businesses. I'll do that Friday, since Thursday is already dedicated to the job faire and I have classes the rest of the work week.

I can do physical labor. My medical issues prevent handling open food or beverage containers or prepared food. I can, however, handle packaged food or beverages, and I have no issues with lifting, carrying, or manipulating things. I also don't know how to drive, but I live in San Francisco, so that doesn't really pose a mobility problem much at all. I find I can get anywhere within the city, Daly City, or South San Francisco rather easily.

Than I would suggest a job with UPS...

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I got a call back from Cost Plus. Job interview tomorrow.

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Well, looks like I'm not going to that job fair Thursday after all. I'll be too busy getting myself acquainted with Cost Plus World Market.

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So you got the job then:-)



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