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So, my dm prefers his players to roll two sets of 4d6, taking out the lowest when it pertains to stats. As it stands, my character might be a bit overpowered. Here is where I come to you guys.

18, 18, 15, 14, 13, 12

What would you do with this stat set? (this thread is for hilarity, suggestions, and ideas.)

(core, um, uc, apg, arg, acg, ucampaign, and inner sea gods are allowed)

I'd probably go Monk. If possible, adapting the Drunken Master archetype for the Unchained Monk and having fun with Drunken Ki.

Alternatively, I'd make the Goblin Dervish of Dawn Fighter of my dreams.

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Hmm... no Advanced Race Guide? That actually kills my first thought of a nagaji paladin, with the 18s in str and cha, so they both start at 20 after racial modifiers.

Given how many attributes clerics need to be really good at more than one thing, this stat array would work well there. Being able to start with 20 wisdom (after a racial modifier) and 18 charisma for channeling would make you friggin awesome.

Or instead of over-optimizing by going for a higher than normal stats version of a race/class combination that would normally be good, you could turn it around and make a viable version of something that usually isn't very good.

For instance, halflings and gnomes usually aren't that great as front liners because of the str penalty, so toss an 18 in strength and go for it! Can you imagine a gnome barbarian starting with 20 con and 16 str if you put the 18s in those two stats? Or an elf front liner who doesn't half to worry about his con penalty, because you have a spare 18 in there, so it's still a 16 after the racial penalty.

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As per the Advanced race guide, I knew I was forgetting something. Anywho, onward with the ideas!

Oh I'm also contractually obliged to mention Mr. MAD himself, the Champion of the Faith Warpriest.

End result is a Paladin with better casting and Fighter levels of feats (as a Human with that sweet FCB), plus lots of tricks. It's only drawback is how MAD it is, which isn't a problem to you.

Anyone who is typically MAD.

You could make a dual wielding mindblade magus, the aforementioned monk, a jack-of-all-trades cleric, maybe a battle oracle or blade adept arcanist.

That's a fairly ideal spread for a paladin. 18 strength and charisma, 15 con, 14 dexterity, 13 intelligence, 12 wisdom. Strength, durability, amazing saves and usage on your CHA-based powers, some skill ranks, qualifying for Unsanctioned Knowledge, the works.

You could go Human for skilled and put the +2 in either STR or CHA if you want one of those to be REALLY off the hook or put it in CON if you want to be nearly indestructible or DEX to be a little quicker and have Archerdin on the table.

Wizard/Cleric/Mystic Theurge
Sorcerer/Paladin/Dragon Disciple
Zen Archer monk
Kensai magus

This also allows jack-of-all-trades builds for classes that are generally forced to somewhat specialize, such as druid or alchemist.

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You should totally make a Songbird of Doom.

We had that happen in a game once. Friend made a Flames Oracle/Urban Barbarian Rage Prophet. It was supprisingly immune to nearly every encounter, in the oddest ways. F@%^ing Rage Prophet.

Seriously though, if you have a sweet stat array, try one of those builds you could never make with a lesser array. Try a prestige class.

Just not the songbird :)
Either go with something that requires a lot of different stats..or go with a sub-par option so you don't show the overpower as much. Monk seems to connect the two if you don't do the zen archer bit.
Or try out one of them occult classes and see how the novelty takes the attention away fom the stats.

You have a great opportunity to play a fun race/ class combo that would typically be skipped for stat penalties. Dwarven vanilla paladin for example, oh the save bonuses...

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