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On her character card Merisiel under Dexterity, Merisiel has this:

I thought that meant when she makes a combat check with a Light Crossbow (RANGED PIERCING BASIC) she can then use her Dexterity and add +2 for:
1d12 (dex) +2 (Ranged skill) +1d8 (light crossbow).

However on her powers and also advancements (Crackshot and Forger) it specifically lists:

For your combat check that has the Ranged trait, you may use d10 (or d12) for your Strength die.

I read the FAQ but I didn't see this clarified.

So does this mean when Merisiel is using a light crossbow she rolls: 1d8 (light crossbow) + 1d8 (strength)? Only once she advances to Forger/Crackshot she can then use a 1d10 (d12) + d8 (light crossbow) +2 ?

Or does this refer to something else? If it does, what? When does Merisiel use her strength with a light crossbow?


It's for weapons like a Composite Bow, which uses your Ranged skill+your Strength die for the initial dice pool. Spent a lot of time with Rise of the Runelords Merisiel being like "welp, can't ever use THIS bow. D:" (or that, since her strength was a d8 in Runelords, being like "well this isn't different than a light crossbow/throwing axe/most ranged weapons anyway")

Longbows let you use your Dexterity or Ranged skill plus your Strength die (maybe other weapons do that too, but I'm only sure on longbows. So Merisiel's power means she can use a d10 (or d12 instead of the Strength die if she uses such a weapon (So Ranged skill plus d10/d12). For a weapon such as the light crossbow, this power has no meaning.

Edit: well, too late :D

No. Merisiel never uses her strength with a Light Crossbow. There is no mention of Strength, so she doesn't use it.

Instead, other weapons that have the Ranged trait such as bows use the Strength die. For example, the Longbow (most recent wording):

"For your combat check, reveal this card to use your Dexterity or Ranged skill plus your Strength die. If not proficient with weapons, the difficulty of this check is increased by 4.
If proficient with weapons, you may discard this card to add 1d4 to a combat check at another location."

Instead of her normal Strength die (d6), she uses a d10 instead.

EDIT: Ninja'd twice

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