Who's planning new occult material?

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Now that Occult Adventures has been out for a bit, I'm betting some 3PP have content in the pipes to expand upon it. Yet I haven't heard anything. Has anyone else heard anything?

We are LPJ Design are still debating it, but the signs are positive.


I might do some more in the future.

I've read that DSP has been writing up some stuff for it.

I'm about to throw an article for Trailseeker on it.

Might have some other stuff down the line. Depends on what happens.


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I'm working on a project that works with the occult rules.

I'm debating including some options in Path of Iron, but I'm tempted. The new Awaken Construct spell is certainly appropriate for the Vanguard class I'm doing. But as for the psychic classes themselves, I haven't had the time to really experiment with them or figure out what options are worth adding on such a short time frame.

If I don't use it in Path of Iron, I'll start looking into it for the next book (which should be elemental/nature magic). Should have lots of room for adding new Kineticist options, at least.

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We've got several in the pipe already and we'll be announcing them soon!

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