Giantslayer - torn between a few char concepts.


So one of my friend that's been GMing so far got tired and anoher will be stepping in with a different campaign.
We've decided on Giantslayer and will quite likely be running a dwarf only team. I've already read that's going to make things icky, but that's how we roll :)

Anyway, I've got a few concepts, but all are rather weak and I just can't decide what to pick. Thus I'm hoping to learn some more about what things might come in useful in the campaign, or even some minor spoilers on what to expect (minor, please).

We're hoping at least a major part of the team are going to be dwarves from a pre-estabilished group. Perhaps mercenaries, perhaps on "holy duty" in the region.
One already semi-decided he's going to play some sort of artificer-priest with his life mission to create an artifact..though in practice - to turn into one. He's also thinking about running around with a gun, as out of place as it may seem

And me..I'm a bit undecided. I had ran a heavily group-support cavalier in a one-shot adventure before and was thinking on that..though making aerial charges on a wingover abusing roc might not be very climatic here and the priest fellow is sceptical about mounted combat.
Another problem with the cavalier might be that..we're not sure if his group support will come in useful at all (like a bonus on charges if the rest of the group turns out ranged)

The GM-to-be came up with the idea of a stonelord paladin. The whole archetype looks a bi odd to me though - it changes so many things, the paladin won't even have his divine grace.

My general idea was to be a sort of party leader, at least in battle, or at least a heavy avant-garde of the group, someone who leads and strengthens the others in crisis.

Any thoughts about these concepts? or perhaps anything else that might match the general idea and fit more into the campaign?

Side note - the GM-to-be insisted on using an alternative magic system called spheres of power. Not sure if he was aware the stonelord turns the paladins normal casting ability off. We also rolled stats and I got:
18, 16, 13, 13, 10, 9
one campaign trait, one dwarf trait..the GM has some list of those I didn't see yet, so there's not much chosing traits outside of that.

What should I build to fit best into the party-player heavy melee role?

Obviously, you need to make a dwarven ranger who hates orcs->giants.

Once the tongue-in-cheekenss is over with, maybe a dwarven cleric?

Or a warpriest. It plays well with the stats in question.

Str 18, Dex 13, Con 15, Int 10, Wis 18, Cha 7, change to taste. Could be a pretty deadly warpriest. You could even do the whole divine commander thing and combine it with your mount idea.

Otherwise... Hateful Rager barbarian, if you can convince your DM to allow it on a dwarf, Favored Enemy: Giant, -> Favored Enemy: Dragon -> Favored Enemy: Evil outsiders.

You start out as a Giantslayer. Once you've done that, you become a Dragonslayer. Once you've done that, you become a Demonslayer. Once you've done that, you fight until you achieve death in glorious battle.

You broke an important oath, so now you're attoning by killing threats to dwarfkind. It's a suicide mission... eventually. But right now you charge at your foes screaming, wearing a greataxe, an orange colored beard-and-mohawk combination, and not much else.

/end warhammer fanboyism.

In all seriousness, a barbarian could be nice. Especially that one archetype that allows you to ignore some reach. Get a reach weapon too.

My but that won't work so well without trolls for a good start..come to think of it, are there going to be trolls?
Another priest..hmm not sure

I always think monk when I see a crazy high stat roll like that. You could do Sensei + Qinggong for some fun with buffs.

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