Advice for a holy warrior for Cayden.


Just got started playing in RotRL, and rolled up a anti-giant spec'ed Nodachi Weapons Master. Unfortunately, this PC was created as a roll-playing rather than role-playing exercise and I never could quite find the character personality hook I could latch on to, which troubled me.

I took Cayden as his deity just because the everyman aspect appealed to me. During session none, I took Norah's dare at the Hagfish and rolled a 20 on the Fort save and somewhere along the way decided that playing a warrior-priest of Cayden would be fairly fun.

The quandary I face is that I am an odd duck in that I absolutely am fixated on min/maxed power-gamer builds, /but/ they absolutely have to have heavy role-playing flavor. I'd rather play a Lv 1 Commoner in a Lv. 20 environment than play a perfectly theory-crafted set of stats with no rp hooks.

I've heard that if you play a tank or dps and are not playing Warpriest, that yo uare doing it wrong, and I admit looking at the stats it's pretty sweet. However, one of the few hooks I have right now is how unusual the Nodachi and its capabilities are in RotRL's and I don't want to replace that with the Warpriest's generic weapon stats. Plus, my Wis is pretty average anyway.

Does anyone have any ideas about how I can add in the holy warrior aspect?


Just because you want to play a holy warrior type doesn't mean your character sheet needs to say so. A Fighter can be Lawful Good and pious without needing to be a Paladin.

If you want to Roleplay him as a Cayden worshipper then do it. Seek out a Cleric of Cayden and ask for advice. Get drunk, fight to liberate folks and generally follow the example Cayden set as a mortal. Stay as a Nodachi-wielding anti-giant Weapon Master while doing so.

Swashbuckler 1/Warpriest X will make you very effective at using a Rapier (C.C.'s favored weapon) and make you a Divine warrior.

Drunken Brute Barbarian 2/Warpriest X will let you rage & drink like a madman, which is in the spirit of C.C.

You can also go Drunken Brute Barbarian 1 / Primalist Bloodrager X (Celestial Bloodline), taking Good For What Ails You and Liquid Courage.

Drunken Brute Barbarian 4 / Oracle 1 / Rage Prophet X will get you basically a Divine version of the Bloodrager mentioned above.

Prestige into this class, 3 levels on a fighter type means a lot of power with little investment. One of the few prestige classes worth taking IMO.

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