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I may work on getting this organized into a nice little PDF as well, but here's what I have thus far (these have actually been playtested, but only with my own group).

Here's the google doc, in case someone wants to offer suggestions there:
Necrophim Google Doc


The Necrophim are born of humans (or occasionally other races) and pyschopomps, a race of outsiders sometimes called “angels of death” or simply “death spirits”. Such beings are even more uncommon than aasimar or tiefling, and may be confused for a member of those two planetouched races.

Necrophim come from lineages that were somehow changed by the realms of the dead, often the exact circumstances are mysterious. First generation Necrophim may even have been born as ordinary mortals, but become altered, while others were children born in the realm of the dead, and it left a permanent mark upon them.

The appearance and abilities of necrophim vary depending on what psychopomp they most resemble, but they tend to have pale, even albino white skin, and be very thin, even to the point of having nearly skeletal appearance.

Like many other Planetouched they frequently find themselves not really fitting in anywhere, and they have no society of their own, though this tends not to particularly bother most of them.

Fascination with death and the afterlife naturally are common among these folk, and frequently they find themselves in professions dealing with the dead, and undead, this could mean anything from a cleric of a death god, to mortician, to a crime-scene investigator.

Most Necrophim have a rather unsettling presence about them, that they may find hard to overcome regardless of how powerful their personalities are, for this reason most of them have a penalty to charisma.

Universal traits:

Type: Outsider (native)

Speed: Medium

Darkvision: 60ft

Languages: Necrophim start knowing common and either Infernal, Abyssal or Celestial (choose one).

Those with a high intelligence score can start with Infernal, Celestial, Abyssal, Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, or Halfling.

Endurance of the Grave: Members of this race also do not lose hit points when they gain a negative level, and they gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against death effects, energy drain, negative energy, and spells or spell-like abilities of the necromancy school.

Necrophim Lineages (one must be chosen)

Below are some of the different types of psychopomps, and traits for planetouched descended from them. Please note that this isn’t an exhaustive list of possible varieties.


These psychopomps appear as avian beings with traits strongly reminiscent of ravens, crows, whip-poor-wills or various other sorts of songbirds. Necrophim descended from them will tend to have traits reminiscent of corvids, or other birds, particularly those associated commonly with death. Taloned hands and feet, feathers for hair, and even wings are not unusual.

Traits: +2 charisma +2 dexterity -2 strength

These necrophim have strong personalities, and tend to be outgoing and talkative, out of all the necrophim they tend to be the most approachable. However these necrophim tend to be on the short side, and have slight frames, built for grace but not for strength.
Skill bonuses:

+2 perform (singing) +2 perception

Nosoi necrophim get to pick one trait from below:

Fly, 20 speed, poor maneuverability
Speak with dead, 1x a day as a spell-like ability.
Hide from undead 3x a day as a spell-like ability.
Sound burst 1x a day as a spell-like ability
Cold resistance 10
2 claw attacks which deal 1d4 damage each.


These psycopomps look how one might expect an angel of death to appear. Necrophim of this lineage may have pure onyx black eyes, or even black feathered wings.

Ability Scores: +2 strength, +2 wisdom -2 charisma

Memitin are born of the powerfully built and fearsome angels of death, whom frequently watch over the bloodiest of battlefields.

Skills: +4 intimidate

Also select one ability from below:

Speak with dead 1x a day as a spell-like ability
Fly, 20 speed, poor maneuverability
Status 1x a day as a spell-like ability
Acid resistance 10
Bleed 3x day as a spell-like ability
Cold resistance 10


These psychopomps bare the form of a massive black feathered dragon, with facial features reminiscent of a crow or raven. Necrophim of this lineage almost always have traces of dragon in their features, possibly with pitch black skin rather than the pale color shared by most necrophim.

Ability Scores: +2 Constitution +2 Wisdom -2 Charisma

Skills: +2 sense motive +2 perception

Also select one ability from below:

Fly, 20 speed, poor maneuverability
Breath weapon: A 15foot cone of cold wind. Does 1d6 damage. The save DC against this breath weapon is 10 + 1/2 the user’s character level + the user’s Constitution modifier. This can be used 3x a day as a standard action.
Detect thoughts 1x a day as a spell-like ability.
Mage armor 1x a day as a spell-like ability.
Tongues 1x a day as a spell-like ability
Cold resistance 10


The Vanth appear as skeletal beings, with black feathered wings, with a vulture-like mask where their skull should be. Necrophim of this heritage likewise tend to have an emaciated look, they may even be confused with the undead. Some Necrophim of this lineage even grow a long and bony tail.

Abilitity Scores: +2 strength, +2 wisdom -2 charisma

Skill Bonus: +2 perception +2 intimidate

Also select one ability from below:

Fly, 20 speed, poor maneuverability
Deathwatch 3x a day
Reaper’s Scythe: Once per day the character can manifest a magical scythe. This weapon is a +1 adamantine scythe, and dissipates after 3 rounds.
Cold resistance 10
2 claws which do 1d4 damage each

Racial Feats

Psychopomp Heritage

The character gains cold resistance of 5, as well as +2 on saves against disease and poison. These bonuses stack with any others the character all ready has.

Prerequisites: The character must be a member of the Necrophim race.

Otherworldly Wings

Alternate Prerequisites: at least 8th level, and the Psychopomp Heritage feat.

You have wings which allow you to fly at your land speed, average maneuverability.

On Death’s Wings

Your fly speed increases by up to 20 feet. This feat cannot more than double an existing fly speed.

Prerequisites: The character must be a Necrophim which all ready has a fly speed & is at least 11th level.

This is neat but it feels a little too modular to me. I think it's best for a race to have a default version and then some alternate heritages. Also it would be nice to have a heritage for the Catrina.

I'll point out this book of psychopomp planetouched as a potential resource for your efforts.

My personal preference is for more modular. I'd even kinda rather PF ditch even having a default and completely going modular with at least some of the races (I can understand it for something like a human or an elf I guess, but for aasimar, tiefling, skinwalker, and such… I think they would be better at least with bloodlines being a required choice and no default). But going 100% modular isn't standard, so I probably should do a default. I am sure I can think of something that would have muddled psychopomp heritage the way the default tiefling and aasimar do but with fiend or celestial heritage.

I was not aware of that book… I should look at it I'm sure in order to make sure mine turns out sufficiently different. Looks like I should make some appropriate archetypes, and other things too, since that's the standard for PF races (though making one not too similar to something else out there might be tough).

I'll make the Catrina bloodline my next effort (along with a default).

Thanks guys.

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