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I recently discovered the Improved Counterspell feat, which I've always ignored in the past because it has the word "counterspell" in it, and, as anybody knows, counterspelling is the next best thing to completely and utterly worthless. However, upon actually looking at it, it seems like it might be nice. Is it worth taking? What do you guys think?

It's only worth taking if you have the ring (of spell storing) for conjuration since its the most used school of magic and countering summons/teleports is a great way to turn a fight in your favor. If you really want to counter spells like a champ its better to be an Arcanist since they have an exploit that allows them to counter spells as an immediate action instead of readying an action.

I forgot about the fact that counterspelling has to be done as a readied action. Screw that noise.

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