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Sovereign Court

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Step right up and get your very own Deity License!
Shhh, don't tell the DM, but we snuck a bunch of guns into his campaign setting....
Freedom doesn't knock, 'cause freedom RINGS.
We needed a place to put all the Orc tribes the PCs fight.
In Soviet Rostland, dragons fight you!
We own 50% of the continent and 30% of our own souls.
We already bought the world, here's the receipt.
Who's running the country today?
Where "you might be a zombie" is a compliment.
I got two tickets to paradise if you just sign away your free will.
A snowy land ruled by witches that is totally NOT Narnia.
We're Cheliax's b+~*$es and we love it.
We needed a place where monk characters could come from.
The city-state of Ebay.
Not to be confused with Rivendell....
We're like Mendev, but we fight undead.
Lands of the Linnorm Kings:
Realm of the Mammoth Lords:
Mediogalti Island:
In order to keep our assassin's guild a secret we let the whole world know we live on this island.
We're like Lastwall, but we fight demons.
Mwangi Expanse:
Just head upriver and keep right. If you get devoured by sentient, psychotic gorillas you went too far.
Our wizards could beat up your wizards.
The kingdom of Creepypasta.
A nation of Robin Hoods (tights optional).
According to Ancient Astronaut Theorists....
What's this "Egypt" you speak of?
We are a peaceful people who just want to burn the infidel s#%$stain of Taldor off the map.
God-Free Zone.
Razmir rolled a natural 20 on his Bluff check and now we have to believe he's a god.
The River Kingdoms:
Law? Government? Stability? You're cute.
Homeland of Murphy's Law.
The Shackles:
The Sodden Lands:
Where dry towels are worth more than gold.
Are we still politically relevant?
Our entire economy is based around a single man with a single potion. What could possibly go wrong?
Everything here is either haunted or cursed, and if it's not already, it will be.
Literally everything that could cause the apocalypse is buried here.
The Worldwound:

Very appropriate, Hama.

Scarab Sages

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Scarab Sages

*standing ovation*

Now do Tian Xia!!!

This actually begs a question my fiance and I were curious about. Is there a "Not-Germany" Anywhere in the inner sea, or are we gonna have to wait and see what lies in southern Garund and Arcadia?

Scarab Sages

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Some people naturally think "Third Reich" when they look at Cheliax; Molthune, the River Kingdoms, and Mendev also are all kind of reminiscent of various periods of German history.

No way is a more "German" place going to show up in "not-Africa" or "not-the-Western-Hemisphere."

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I'd say Molthune works okay for Germany.

Silver Crusade

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If by "Germany" you mean "Prussia", yes.

+1 to Hama. Bravo!

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Spot on Hama.

Hama - can we get a version with the Golarian Gods?

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There was a map that also summed up the countries(slightly NSFW because of profanity):


You skipped the Five Kings Mountains.

Poor dwarves. Always the short end... ;p

Awesome "countries-in-nutshells", regardless.

Carry on!


love this, +1 for you

edit: you forgot to do one for the Mana Wastes

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AlaskaRPGer wrote:
Hama - can we get a version with the Golarian Gods?

This was something I came up with not too long ago; the only real change I can say is that (for Sarenrae's desc.) instead of the Guardians 3000 version of Nikki, go with the classic old-school Guardians Nikki (the one with the fiery hair).


Abadar is the main God of cities, civilization, capitalism, and banking. Has a vault full of perfect stuff that he keeps (or was it hoards?).

Nethys is the main God of Magic and magical knowledge. Was an Osirion Pharaoh in his mortal life before ascension and may or may not be totally sane. Is the God most likely to cause a magical cataclysm just to see what happens next. His avatar looks like one of those two extinct ST:TOS dual-colored dudes that were bigoted against one another, only with more evidence of injury.

Irori is the God of Self-Perfection, Knowledge, and Monks. Formerly a Vudrani Human in life who was said to had self-ascended to godhood all by himself.

Sarenrae is the Goddess of the Sun, forgiveness, and scimitar-usage. Was an ascended Angel who was said to have beaten down Rovagug into his prison. Looks like a cross between DC's Firehawk and Marvel's Guardian 3000 Nikki, plus a sweet nose-ring.

Pharasma is the Goddess of Death, Birth, Judging the dead, and Prophecy (currently broken thanks to Aroden). Likes to judge and dislikes it when anyone cuts in line to avoid her judgement. Hates the Undead as well. Looks sort of like Lady Death if she went for the more dignified, restrained, and conservative look.

Norgorber is the Evil God of Murder, Secrets, and Poison. Was one of the few former mortal to take the Test of the Starstone in order to gain godhood.

Lamashtu is the Evil Goddess of monsters, hostile animals, and deformed birth. As a former Demon Queen before her ascension by murdering Curchanus, she's popular with Gnolls, Barghests, and other humanoids. Has a Jackal head with 3 eyes and is always "preggers".

Rovagug is the imprisoned God of total destruction and Tarrasques. Is considered an Endbringer along the likes of Tharizdun, Galactus, and Unicron. Killed him plenty of deities when he ran loose. Asmodeus has the keys to his prison. Really dislikes Sarenrae too, for some odd reason.

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Good on you! That made me ha-ha.

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Blackvial wrote:

love this, +1 for you

edit: you forgot to do one for the Mana Wastes

I think this one is the Mana Wastes

Shhh, don't tell the DM, but we snuck a bunch of guns into his campaign setting....

Kage_no_Oukami wrote:
Good on you! That made me ha-ha.

No prob; the info stuff was mostly for a pbp set in Osirion (at the moment), that's why it was limited to those few big20 Deities, otherwise there'd be stuff like Calistria (aka, the reason why "hookers" are treated so nicely in this campaign setting, 'cuz of vengeance and wasps) and Shelyn (aka, Everybody loves her, You do too- watch out for her Bro tho...)

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