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Converting from 3.5 to Pathfinder is usually pretty intuitive. I just have a few clarification questions regarding suggestions for converting undead.

Hit dice for undead has obviously changed. In 3.0/3.5, many undead had oodles of hit dice (far more than they probably should have had; a Boneclaw had 10 HD at CR 5, for example) to make up for getting their nonexistent CON to hp. Obviously now, in PF, they get their CHA to hp, which dramatically lessens the required hit dice. When converting, how would you resolve this discrepancy?

The other big one is channeling vs turning/rebuking. It stands to reason that undead that had a bonus vs being turned or rebuked would then gain that as a bonus vs channeling or being commanded, right?

For the second question, the answer is "yes".

For the first, I suggest you refer to the table of the Bestiary about the creation of new monsters. I also remember that there was a paragraph in GM Guides dedicated to the subject of the conversion of monsters from D&D to PF system.

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If I recall correctly, undead in 3.0/3.5 received a straight d12 and now they get a d8 plus chr mod. I don't think you really need to change the number of Hit Dice for the creature at all.

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