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Hi all, I have a question regarding this campaign.

I was considering going with the Mesmerist class for this campaign we are starting, my DM said he would advise against that because giants later in the campaign are given a new feat that make them all but immune from Dominate type spells, which means the Mesmerist, Enchanter Specialists, and some Bards would lose a lot of their skill set.

While I certainly understand the reasoning of such a feat and would probably welcome it as a DM, I was wondering if the development team really went ahead and hamstringed a whole class(es) by giving giants what I would consider a rather powerful feat.

Did my DM just misinterpret the feat, or maybe just really is against the idea of a Mesmerist.

(My DM also shot down the idea of playing an Aasimar. Too "cheese sauce" for his game he said. I'm ok with that but the above giant feat gave me pause.)

This may already have been covered on these threads previously but I am avoiding spoilers and did not read the campaign threads, I appreciate the help.

I haven't gotten terribly far but I think mind control spells are going to be competative. The Giants will have access to feats that let them buff their will vs enchantment effects but it doesn't provide immunity. Though if your GM has other things planned, you might want to listen to him.

Even so, there will be plenty o' foes to use enchantments on, besides Giants. Just be ready and able to do combat damage, there's a LOT of it in this game and running out of spell and spell effects can be an issue, at least for the first two books.

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There is a feat that some Giants (not all) will have that makes them immune to Dominate PERSON, Charm PERSON, Hold PERSON and other humanoid specific spells.

Enchantment still has a blast on these guys.

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Reinforcing what others have said, charm/hold/dominate Monster will still work.

Not all giants will have the feat (read: the BBEG probably will).

Like other Pathfinder APs, in spite of having a central villain type, you are going to see oozes, elementals, outsiders, dragons, golems, undead etc. Full on specialization is never advantageous unless you have a big party.

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