Haunted Construct Is it worth +2?


Haunted Construct
I have to say this seems extremely good for a +2. This is the Advanced of the +2 CR range.

Now if someone stripped out the Spell-Likes I might range this as +1 CR but those Spell-likes are insane. I mean I would rate this much much higher.

So I was thinking of the fact that Androids count as Constructs and can thus take Construct templates and seeing this I was floored because for a simple +2 you gain insane amounts of power.

How would you rate this? Would you allow someone to take this with their Android?

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I wouldn't recommend the d20pfsrd version of that template - go back to its source and read it in context.

It's written for a very specific story and location - it's basically part of the adventure site, which itself is basically one big super-haunt. It looks clumsy when divorced of context.

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I went back and took a look at the source. Basically...

Shattered Star:
If an android wandered into Xin's Crystal Palace, Xin could take them over and gain complete control unless they made a DC 15 Will save. That's the only way to gain that template, and its powers flow from First-King Xin.

Hope this is helping. ^_^

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The actual text, with a little adventure context:

Shattered Star:

Xin can possess most of the constructs the PCs face in his
palace-doing so costs him 1d6 spirit points. If this die
roll indicates a cost greater than his current remaining
spirit points, his spirit point total is reduced to o, and the
haunting attempt fails. Haunting a construct grants Xin
the ability to speak to the PCs via his own voice, which
issues from the closest thing the construct has for a mouth
in a booming, bass tone. When he haunts a construct, he
gains complete control over it. Constructs native to the
palace receive no saving throw against this, but those
brought in from outside the palace can attempt a DC 15
Will save to resist being haunted. A construct that resists
being haunted cannot be targeted by any further attempts
to haunt it for 24 hours. Once a construct becomes Xin-haunted,
it remains haunted until Xin abandons it for
another construct-only one construct may be Xin-haunted
at a time. This condition also ends the moment
the construct steps out of the Crystal Palace.

A haunted construct gains the Xin-haunted simple
template, which grants the following abilities (the quick
and rebuild rules are identical).
AC: +4 deflection bonus to AC.
hp: +4 hp per HD.
Die Rolls: +2 bonus on all rolls (including damage rolls)
and special ability DCs.
Spell-Like Abilities: A Xin-haunted construct gains
the following spell-like abilities (CL 20th, concentration +30),
once per day each: chain lightning (DC 20), cone of cold (DC 19),
finger of death (DC 22), greater dispel manic, meteor swarm
(DC 24), power word stun, prismatic spray (DC 22), reverse
gravity, scintillating pattern (DC 23), summon monster
IX, and telekinesis (DC 19). The use of these spell-like
abilities comes from Xin's spirit, and as such, once a
haunted construct uses a spell-like ability, it is no longer
available to any additional constructs Xin might possess for
24 hours.
Vulnerable to Positive Energy (Ex) A Xin-haunted
construct takes damage from positive energy as if it were
undead. Negative energy does not affect it in any way.

Thank you for the information. I would hope this is very late in the AP and the PCs have a ton of abilities to throw at this. As the Summon Monster IX alone could cause issues.

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Dwarf in the Flask wrote:
Thank you for the information. I would hope this is very late in the AP and the PCs have a ton of abilities to throw at this. As the Summon Monster IX alone could cause issues.

It's the second half of Book 6... the PCs should be 16th level before they even see one of these. ^_^

See that makes sense.

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