Maximizing an evil god cleric healing


Because of campaign limitations and character background these are the requirements:
- Cleric of Asmodeus
- Human
- Legal Neutral
- Paizo material

The character needs to fill the main healing role in a random party (let's assume composed by human neutrals).

Let's assume the party will require some strong healing capacity from time to time to save a character from death during combat. Accept I want to take the role so the other members are free of the responsibility. Wands and similar stuff is ok for out-of-combat and emergencies, but I am looking here for something stronger based on class abilities.

The question and challenge is how do I get the max from an evil Deity Cleric healing capabilities?

The main problem is clerics from an evil god cannot channel to heal (humans) nor spontaneously cast healing spells. They are very limited to preparing healing spells, so how do I get the most of it?

Note it must be a human Cleric of Asmodeus. Thus, no evil Oracle or other similar solutions.

It doesn't have to be the best healer ever, the character should be doing other things mainly, the healing is probably a secondary role (even if he is the main healing power house in the party).

Any Paizo material is ok, archetypes, feats, traits, etc, all that is ok.

Any ideas on how to get acceptable heals with an evil god?

Edit: Capacity to deal with incorporeals is a plus.

Infernal Healing is a good Asmodeus healing thing, but it's not an in-combal deal. Prepping Cures might help. There might be a few other things. Perhaps this. The Undead subdomain of the Death domain can let you heal with negative energy, though it's a 2-turn combo.

Otherwise, if you could convince your party to all take Necromantic Affinity, you could heal regularly with negative energy. Fey Foundling is also a good 1st level feat, if you can convince people to take it.

The best thing that comes to my mind is to be a diabloist prestige class or some other method that a cleric can get an imp. Then hand over a wand to the imp and let him do healing as needed in battle while you focus on your main job. Then afterwards you could throw more wands and money at out of combat heals or even spls if you so wish. Secondly your deity has trickery so you can make yourself pretty hard to hit.

Wands of cure light wounds are one of the most efficient ways of healing HP. Evil clerics can use wands of cure light wounds just as easily as good clerics. If you really want to maximize the healing then take craft wand to create your own wands.

Condition removal is where healing becomes more complex. As an evil cleric your ability to remove conditions is exactly the same as a good cleric.

The idea is in-combat burst healing, probably for when an ally goes down. Notice in the third paragraphy-thing how he says something along those lines.

The best in-combat burst healing is Breath of Life.

Oh yeah, what level are you at?

Thanks Self! Out of combat healing should be under control with items.

The necromantic affinity sounds promising.

The death domain combo seams complicated, but thanks for the Separatist archetype idea. It fits very well to what I want to achieve for the character goals.

It also allows me to choose the healing domain so I can cast cheap empowered heals from level 8 onwards, and allocate healing on domain slots if desired.

I have also found the great spell specialization feat which allows me to choose one healing and cast it spontaneously.

It is all an underpowered strategy and a bit expensive, and still it would be not as powerful as a good god healer. But it seems workable while keeping a stronger offensive capacity.

The cost can be lowered with specialization in summoning as healing is conjuration and I can find good sinergies.

So, at 9th level, with Separatist healing domain and selecting Cure moderate wounds as specialized spell, I can spontaneously cast:
Level 2 slot: 2d8+10+50% ~ 28
(Can use reach spell metamagic to get better use of casting with higher level slots)
Or Cure serious wounds:
Level 3 slot: 3d8+11+50% ~ 36
Or breath of life:
Level 5 slot: 5d8+11+50% ~ 49
I am sure I can play with metamagic to optimize casting the spell with higher slots.

That can well convince a tank you can take the role.

The campaign is expected to span from 1 to around 13th level.

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