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RPG Superstar voting has begun! History indicates it may get a little trying for the site to keep up with the sudden influx of voters and while we’ll be doing our best to help even out the load on our servers, we do recommend, copying your text before you submit a post in case it gets eaten. Generally we recommend doing this anyway for longer posts (on any site, not just ours) to prevent losing work/time put into a longer post. Depending on your operating system and settings you can easily do this by highlighting the text you’ve written and holding down the command, apple, control key while you press the “c” key as well. This “copies” the text. If you lose it, you can hold command, apple, control and press “v” (paste) in a text field to get it back.

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Lissa, you should sticky this for the duration.

http://paizo.com/rpgsuperstar now redirects to http://paizo.com/paizo/about.

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