need help with small character and big weapon problems!

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The grippli in my game found a rapier. Great, he took the princley racial, he can use that.

Downside is that it's medium.

Now, I get he can use effortless lace. But that won't allow it to be weapon finesse. Due to the size. (And trust me, I asked the guy that made it)

He hinted giant hunter's may have had a few options to shrink it down.

He wants to use his alchemists sticky poison with this rapier, but he needs weapon finesse to work as he is very Dex based.

Whatcha got for me that can help?


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Transforming Slivers.

I've always ruled that player's can resize and refit weapons/armor if they pay an NPC smith some money and give them some time. If it's a magical weapon, it requires a magical smith of significant power and some more money. Not in the rules anywhere as far as I know, but it seems completely reasonable to me.

Nefreet wrote:
Transforming Slivers.

Thanks so much!

He got Brine sting from skull and shackles and really wants to use it.

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