Alternate player races, templates, and monsters, oh my!


Looking to tap into the collective brain trust for some ideas! (My google-fu hasn't turned up much of interest)

Traditionally, my gaming group has stuck to the core playable races. For an upcoming campaign I'd like to open things up a little and consider other options for those who want them. Assimars, Tieflings, Changlings, Kitsune, whatever. Templates like lycanthrope are being discussed. All in good fun. So far, this is staying with mostly moderate RP races (nothing over 20), and CR+0 or +1 templates.

Seeking help with:
I'm trying to think up some interesting (and fun/clever) ideas of little boons/gifts/something to grant players who choose races that may have a disadvantage. The player who picks a kobold in a party of assimars & tieflings. Maybe something that scales? An extra level seems kind of flaccid. A bonus trait? feat? something?

What this is not:
3.5 style level adjustments are unlikely, as is anything that takes something away from players. I'm not looking to punish those who want to play more powerful stuff.

If you look at Pathfinder SRD each race has a table like this:

Skill Bonus Craft [trapmaking] and Profession [miner] 2

Each race Bonus is given an RP (race points I believe) equivalent.

If someone chooses a Kobold you could give them extra things using this system according to their own story.

Something along the lines of generic; not giving them for example the +2 to Saves dwarf get.

This way you're basically buffing up the race without introducing items, free stats or levels.

It might not work for everyone. You can also adjust stats, instead of being a -4 STR maybe make it a -2.

All that info you can find on Adv Race Guide, which tells you the cost of each ability. You might have to control this to avoid extreme optimization, but it's a nice way to reward playing weaker races

Encourage players to make up some near character background and give those weaker ones some boons basing on that. Not afraid of letting your players craft? Use alternative magic item crafting from Unchained and give that kobold a free crafting feat and maybe a +1 to all rolls to craft anything..that is if he's into such stuff. Or seek something in the adv race guide that fits in the RP point difference and can be classified as influence from some past events basing on that chars history.

If you're up for experimenting I'd also advise something different - try on one of those +2 templates, but without any base race modifiers. I mean - all the pluses minuses and traits should come from the template as if the character has a 0RP base race

I gave weak races additional abilities until their RP was 10+-1.

I would advise sticking with the standard, featured and uncommon races. Anything else will require a great deal of reworking to balance things out. Templates are especially troublesome. This still leaves you with 40+ races to choose from and most of them can be further customized with alternative racial traits.

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