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Heroes who sacrficed themselves, tragic accidents and poisons - There is an endless amount of ways our hitpoints can reach the negatives. Why not share the stories and endings of those you've lost.

1 character dead.

Alzahesha Da'uron. Tiefling magus lvl 3. After numerous battles and proving his own worth as a warrior and caster he was eventually skewered by a trident by fish people due to his arrogance. He was left nigh poetically in a swan boat and likely an hour later splashed into the lake when the magic ferry dissipated.

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Liam "Red" Redmane, human (snake-blooded) 7th level rogue. Not the most noble of deaths but...

Liam was squatting over a log answering the call of nature, when a dire tiger crept up behind him. It pounced and a claw/claw/bite later, Liam was in single digit hit points. He yelled. He lost initiative and the tiger finished him off before the rest of the party could save him.

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2 Deaths

Banson Rochester. 6th level human male monk. A heroic end.

Banson and crew were in a castle and fighting off undead hordes after being led into a trap. As the group tried to escape they were cornered by flesh golems in the main courtyard, and the inner gate was being lowered. Banson rushed forward with his great speed and for 5 rounds held that gate open with a line of amazing strength checks (3 nat 20s, and 2 19s). He gave his comrades enough time to move past him while fighting off undead, but the damage from the falling gate and the flesh golems catching up to him and striking finished him off.

Albert Legrange. 1st level Alchemist human male. A not so heroic end.

After contracting filth fever from tracking a criminal in the sewers, he was then removed from this world by a pair of extremely lucky dire rats. (crits on both bites).

1 Death

Athos, 16th level human conjurer. Killed in the line of duty.

Rolled low on his initiative. Endgame boss cast clashing rocks for 20d6 damage. The resulting cave-in pinned Athos, who took an additional 8d6 points of damage from the falling rocks. Instant death on the first round of combat.

Never underestimate the power of casters with 9th level spells.

Somenameless Guy I - 2nd level somethingorother, died holding off an ogre solo to buy the other idiots characters enough time to rally and vanquish the monster.

Somenameless Guy II - 7th level Wizard. Death by black dragon of sufficient ability as to grapple, death roll and pin my scrawny character under a rock to drown in the cold dark of 90' deep water. The other idiots characters ran like scared little school girls, as I rolled last on initiative, the dragon rolled 2nd and the first character withdrew, leaving my character the only one in chow-pouncing range.


Almost forgot. Somenameless Rogues I-IV:

I was at a table that adhered firmly to the "fulfill the requisite roles", I drew the short straw, no big deal, one Rogue coming right up. Unfortunately, the GM is a fan of (a) the "CR guidelines are for wussies"; (b) "powerful items make up for level deficiencies, right? Guys? Guys..."; and (c) [redacted for nominal politeness].

Needless to say, the 6th level Rogue was not particularly up to the task of dealing with the DCs of CR 12+ magical traps. Dying in spectacular fashion four times in two sessions triggered the "softball rule". The idiots other characters wouldn't do fun stuff such as Aid or provide guidance spells and similarly useful activities. Yeah, not so fun.

Valrissa, 6th level wizard. Got smacked below half by a giant fish man. The cleric said "She can wait until after the fight, we'll have it dead this round." 3 misses later, it wasn't dead, and finished off the wizard when she tried to can a spell in melee.

Valrissa, 10th level wizard. Chased a fleeing cyclops around a corner to finish it off, only to find two more waiting for someone to come through the doorway.

Hondo the Pirate Captain, level 12 fighter. Dropped into a room full of a giant qlippoth, enduring some fall damage, an attack of opportunity, and a full round of it's attacks, so that the rest of the party could safely enter the room and finish it off.

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