Dragon Bone Weapons and Dragon Scale Armor

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I DM a setting where dragons are very rare, and I absolutely despise how lackluster dragonscale armor is in 3.5 D&D and Pathfinder.

Does anyone know of any rules out there that anyone else has made for dragonbone weapons/armor or dragonscale armor that don't completely suck? I'm being slightly hyperbolic, there. I'd actually like some really awesome rules.

Thanks oodles. :)

Check out the Draconomicon from 3.5

Rules on weapons are nice, armor is pretty much same as Pathfinder.

Rules on Grafting are wicked-cool.

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I could work up some home brew stuff for you, I've always felt the dragon made items were amazingly mundane.
I've also been playing a ton of Monster Hunter lately ^^

I saw this thread come up and I thought, "Hey, I should point this guy towards a couple threads I just saw where someone made some freaking awesome homebrew stats for Dragonhide armor and Dragonbone weapons."

Homebrew Dragonbone Weapons
Homebrew Dragonhide Armor

Aaaannnnd I just stopped to see who wrote the other threads......

Good Work!

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Dragon bone weapons use all the normal rules for primitive materials (which are actually pretty nice and cheap once you enchant them).

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