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Hello... the Marketplace location from WotR says...

When you attempt to acquire a boon, add 1 plus the scenario's adventure deck number to checks to acquire it.

At my guild event this past Friday another player and I disagreed on how this card should be read.

A)One of us thought it means add the modifier to your check result (making it easier to acquire.)

B) The other thought it means add the modifier to the difficulty of your check to acquire (making it harder to acquire.)

Would like people's input. From the Planar Tuning Fork thread it looks like there is one vote for A but that's all I found on a search.


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The answer is A. If it was intended to make it harder it would say "increase the difficulty..."

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Yeah, definitely A. This came up in the second scenario, Poison Pill, of Rotr and the answer is adding to checks makes it easier.

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Increasing the goal you need to hit will always be Increase The Difficulty.

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See Vic's response to question 2 in this post for confirmation of that.

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And for thematic reason -- why would it be harder to get things in a marketplace? There's stuff all over the place for you to get, it's not like you're in a dark cave no-one has been in for centuries.

Although in Pathfinder, a centuries abandoned cave may actually have the largest, most magical hoard of weaponry ever.

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