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Bit of a lead in before I get to the point - I'm playing what might be in some circumstances be called the most despicable thing in a Way of the Wicked campaign - a True Neutral character. Lately my main weapon (a wakizashi) has been tainted with evil from slaying good outsiders, bit later we started running into some rather wacky stuff with aligned artifacts and mystical power sources (yeah the campaign went haywire and got a life of its own, those things aren't from the original books), which made me plan out on making my own artifacts (my character is quite a tinkerer for a ninja by main class, but tainted with uneven gestalting with a wizard and even a bit of investigator..long story).
Thus I considered making a pair for the evil blade by aligning a different one with good by doing a mirror action and ridding the multiverse of a potent evil outsider (there's a good chance we might run into a devil that will be more interested in fighting us than helping, despite serving the same cause..we've already started to cause some bad blood with one) and then utilising the mystic sources to meld those two blades into a potent artifact more in line with my alignment

- A Blade of Balance

..right..just..I'm going all the way HOW to get that done, but it hit me that I don't actually have an idea WHAT should the result actually be.

Besides some wonky obvious things like being a Holy Unholy Axiomatic Entropic weapon @_@ what would you think such a Blade of Balance should actually do, being an artifact with some nice, though as of yet short history?

Bane Outsider (Extraplanar) could be cool, since the widest variety of outsiders you meet are aligned outside of TN, another thing you could do is make it a rapier (though your build probably doesnt fit sadly) and call it the Pivot of Balance, you could even add that abili that Dimensional Anchors creatures you hit so that you can stop those pesky aligned outsiders from escaping with their at-will teleports

If the goal is to have a weapon that is aligned both with good and evil, it's usually a good idea to start by throwing out everything that is usually associated with good and evil.
The concept behind this is true neutrality. Take that a step further than good and evil, and create an artifact that is neutral in everything. A mirror - anything done on one side is repeated in exact opposite on the other. The Blade of Balance becomes a repository of life force, storing up hit points as it damages foes, and then later being used to 'undo' the damage, though not necessarily to the same person.

In short, my concept:

Blade of Balance:

Slot none; Aura strong necromancy; CL 20th; Weight 2 lbs.
The Blade of Balance appears as a +3 keen ghost touch adamantine wakizashi, but holds far more power than a mere magic weapon, for everything that the Blade does is also undone in equal measure. Whenever the Blade damages a creature, it heals itself equal to the damage dealt - this allows it to exceed its maximum number of hit points. However, these excess hit points only last for five rounds. As a move action, they can be emptied from the Blade into a willing creature touching the Blade, healing it an amount equal to the hit points removed from the Blade. If these hit points are not emptied at the end of the five rounds, then they revert to whatever creature the Blade damaged, as though the attack had never happened.
The Blade of Balance can only be destroyed by one good and evil outsider, each with at least 20 HD, voluntarily committing suicide with the Blade.

I like but I'd make a few alterations, here's my thoughts as an artifact, probably minor I'd drop the caster level, make it able to give points to an unwilling target as a standard action with an attack, remove all weapon damage from it unless it's suppressed or for the purposes overcoming damage resistance

the damage is instead taken up by at will inflict and cure spells that must be balanced within 10 rounds, so you could do five straight inflicts then 5 cure, or 1 inflict then 1 cure, or any variation there of lest it backlashes on the user in the form of damage. Possibly negative levels for failing to use the blade properly as befits a true neutral character. Once a day it can be used to channel positive/negative energy as a cleric of the wielder's level.

I suck at stat blocks but there's some ideas there. Or maybe reinstitute the weapon damage with the inflict/cure as bonuses.

Reversing effects sounds nice, but I was thinking something that reacts more to what it enounters than to what the blade itelf is used for, like reflecting damage rather than acting as a vampiric weapon, or affecting targets more the more they stray from an overall idea of balance and so on

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