Need Help: *Cheap* & Niche-Use CL-Boosting Magic Items for a Wizard


I'm specifically looking for magic items for a Wizard to boost Caster Level (CL). Not his entire CL ... but for boosting CL for certain schools of spells (Illusion, Divination, etc.) or even a specific spell or a narrow range of spells.

In essence ... cheap, cheap, cheap magic items that accomplish this task for 5,000 gp or cheaper. And yes, the gold standard for CL-boosting magic item of this nature is the 30,000 gp Orange Ioun Stone (which is obviously out of the price range of what I'm asking for).

Heck, even if it's a magic item that boosts the CL of just one low-level spell, I'd love to hear about it. I'll be building a mid-level "Theme" Wizard around such cheap magic items and the more that can be found, the better!

Thank you!


P.S. 3PP PF magic items are welcome as well. Just please post the source and page # if at all possible.

Most simply, a wand made at more than the minimum caster level for a level 1 spell. They can exist.

Thanks, Avr ... I should've mentioned I was looking for spells cast by the wizard via his spellcasting class feature ... at an absolute maximum CL.

Any other suggestions?

Alchemical items can be helpful(technically not magic, but still). Some power components bump up CLs by 1.

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Alchemy Manuel has a number of alchemical items that will boost specific schools/spells when used as additional material/focus. Not always CL, but some of them are CL.

Cheapest option is the Spell Tattoo, which boosts your CL with 1 school. However, it is a feat, not equipment.

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Death knell

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Shaman's Paint

90g for +2 Caster Level for all spells targeting an ally

Shaman's Paint ... Wow, I like that. Nice find. I have workarounds for the Wisdom Damage, too. Although I'm not getting a clear picture on how long the duration of the Paint is. Maybe its duration is ... "until you remove it" ... ???

Power Components I already have. But thank you, though. Good catch.

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