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Silver Crusade RPG Superstar 2014 Top 16

Brett Sweeney wrote:
I'd also like to shout out to AJ (sorry, I don't remember your last name!) who was my GM for The Sky Key Solution at Tier 10-11. The table was full of fantastic players, but AJ in particular was able to smoothly run a scenario after we jerks sat down and asked him to run a tier that he didn't have prepared. His role-playing was spot-on and felt like a dialogue, not a flat response to skill checks. I'd love to see what he can do when not blindsided. :)
Andrew Torgerud wrote:

Thanks for the kind words Brett!

I still blame your ally for how we learned breath of life doesn't work on Dampyrs!

edit - you and the guys deserve alot of the credit for that table being one of my favorite of the weekend - 6 fantastic roleplayers.

Andrew and Brett, I represent the other 5 guys at that table. We had an awesome time! Seriously appreciate Andrew running the high tier on short notice. And very sorry Brett died, and if he wasn't a damn Dhampir, we'd have gotten him right back into the fight!

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Balkin wrote:

Wish I knew the GM's name from my Saturday afternoon #7-03 Session but the reporting online has no date and no name for the GM! The table was Orange 22.

Anyway, he ran an excellent game all around. I definitely chose the wrong character to play for the scenario but we made it work! No question, the best scenario I played at GenCon!

I think that was me. I'm glad you had a good time.

Scarab Sages 4/5

Seth Gipson wrote:
Qstor wrote:

Who was the 12 year old boy that GM'd?

If you mean a Quest GM, he was the (2-star) son of Del Collins, 5-star VC from SC. Del can give out his first name if he wants.

I'll admit, I was a bit worried there might be people who had a problem with his age, but I didnt hear any complaints and at least half of the people who he GMed for jumped back in line to play again, so he must have been doing a good job. :)

That would be the "Flamingo Kid"

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