Need help making this guy better at helping his teammates


Alright, here's the basics: We're starting a new pathfinder game with a couple of friends who have never really played pathfinder before, and we want them to have a good experience. So, instead of playing my usual character type, I'm going to sit back and make them the stars of the show. My idea for this was to play an old banner-man, a fatherly old dwarf who used to be a scout-turned-sergeant, who makes everyone else so much better. So, here's how the character looks:
Str: 14
Dex: 14
Con: 14
Int: 16
Wis: 14
Cha: 9


Inspiring Commander(Cavalier)

1: Ranger (F)Combat Reflexes
2: Cavalier Teamwork Feat, Order of the Dragon, Inspiring Commands, Challenge, Inspire Courage
3: Cavalier Bodyguard, Aid Allies
4: Cavalier Inspire Competence
5: Cavalier Put Your Heart Into It, Saving Shield
6: Cavalier Inspiring Voice
7: Cavalier Quick Aid, Leadership
8: Battle Herald
9: Battle Herald Feat

A few things to note: The Inspiring Commander(Rite Publishing) gives me the Inspire Courage feature ability I need to qualify for Battle Herald, as well as the ability to aid another as a move action.

My plan is to stand between our twf ranger and our Slayer(Sniper), use aid another to give massive bonus' to their first attacks each round, and the body guard feat to boost ac when they get attacked. I can use the freebooter ability to designate a target(and challenge him too for bbeg's) as well as inspire courage to add +3 (or higher)
bonus' to their attacks and damage.

What I am asking is this: Is there any way(without dipping classes, gm fiat) that I can do more? Also, I am stalled out on feats after level 7, I'm just not sure what to do after that.

See if you can take this campaign trait:
Fools for Friends.

and definitely make sure to pick up this and some benevoloent gear:
Ring of tactical precision.

and here's a good AC boost for Aid Another:
Virtue Creed.

You don't have to be entirely without personal combat ability; given full BAB the ability to hit something with power attack from time to time could aid your allies as much as giving them bonuses.

If you have sworn an oath to devote all your feats to aiding your allies without striking a blow, then In Harm's Way is a feat you might like. Steel Soul would help keep you alive after doing that.

on higher levels convince one of your teammates to make good use of a x4 critting weapon and yourself grab something with a wid crit range, improved criticals and, most importantly - butterflys sting. Then do get into that melee and try to score crits to give away to the x4 person.
Reconsider not putting everything into teamwork feats and trying to boost your ability to soak up damage + feats that pin down opponents like Stand Still, coupled with step-up or combat patrol (and of course combat reflexes to get an additional aoo to halt people), so that other people can do their tricks in peace. Armor Master fighter archetype with adamant full plate would work nicely given its DR potential, but then you're adding yet another class to the collection.

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