Imagine Breaker (Conversion Help)


Kamijyou Touma from Toaru Majutsu no Index:
How would you make Imagine Breaker?


For those who don't know or don't want to look into it, Kamijyou is the one guy in a city of psychics/mages that cannot use any abilities, and that's actually because he possesses an ability called Imagine Breaker in his right hand. Upon contact, Imagine breaker undoes any psychic ability, spell or Supernatural Phenomena that he touches with his right hand. (Even gloved, from what I remember). Even magic items that he touches with his hand suffer their magics undone, sometimes to disastrous effects. (He touches the magic robes of the character 'Index' in an early chapter/episode, and the robes pretty much explode apart. Though tbh I think that had to do with the fact it was magically crafted)

So, how would one make Imagine Breaker as a playable character asset in Pathfinder? Note I didn't say as an item, or anything specific. So go nuts with your ideas!

It's not something that really needs rules. Any magic, divine, psionic or otherwise supernatural phenomenon or effect that Imagine Breaker interacts with is negated. A Fireball would create a cone-shaped zone of safety beginning at the character's hand (this is shown in the To Aru Kagaku no Railgun manga to be how Imagine Breaker interacts with explosions generated by magic or Esper powers.), a magic item would cease to be, a summon would be banished. No saves, no rolls beyond the roll needed to interact with the effect (touch attacks, possibly some kind of reflex save).

Imagine Breaker is shown to have a number of restrictions. It negates supernatural effects, but not the aftereffects of those supernatural effects (i.e. if someone suffers damage due to being struck by a magical attack, Imagine Breaker would not heal them. If an Esper's pyrokinesis ignited a store of magnesium and thermite and lit a building on fire, Imagine Breaker would not put out that fire). It also dispels effects a specific rate. If an effect sustains itself at a greater speed than Imagine Breaker can negate it (such as Styl Magnus's Innocentius or John's Pen's Dragon Breath), then it will not be negated.

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