Phalanx Formation and Whips? [PFS]

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Just want to question the RAW and RAI, but does the Phalanx Formation feat work with whips? I want to get it for my Bard since he tends to stick behind his allies and trips up his opponents with his weapon. Sounds perfect for him since my allies tend to give the enemy soft cover, and my bard is much more useful in combat when he makes sure the enemy doesn't even have their weapons in hand or sprawl all over the floor.

Phalanx Formation works for reach weapons.

The whip is a reach weapon.

What makes you think it wouldn't work?

RAI thinking that a Phalanx weapon should be some sort of polearm. Silly RAI, but I've had GM's who would do something like that. I mean my bard carries a Longspear too, but he's more dex based.

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