Summoner to go unchained or not...


This is the idea, a gnome "Mounted Paladin" of Apsu. This would of course be riding a dragon, but that isn't an option in PFS so I thought use the summoner to "summon" a dragon to ride as part of his faith...

The problem I'm having is with the Mount evolution. As a "paladin" of a LG god (albeit a dragon one), the Daemon, Demon, Devil, or Protean subtypes are just not acceptable. And while I could try to swing a "elemental" as a dragon, the N is about as different an ideal as the others...

Now I had enough to on the character that i didn't need to use the unchained book. But having looked through it I so want to use it in PFS. Is there any way that I could use an Unchained Summoner to do this?

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I was going to suggest Psychopomp or Azata, but then I double checked the rules. It used to be that any quadruped or serpentine form could be a mount. Why the heck did they feel the need to restrict it even further?

I'm really not liking how restrictive the unchained summoner is.

I think you're just going to run into too many issues for this to work well as you want.

But, if the feat Monstrous Companion is PFS legal, then you might be able to swing a Dragonne companion which replaces your normal divine bond options. It might not be a true dragon, but it's probably as close as your going to get if you really wanted to be a paladin.

An agathion quadruped; add working wings later, at first they'll be purely decorative with no mechanical effect. It doesn't add anything much - well, electricity resistance means you're riding a bronze dragon - but it is compatible.
Edit - never mind, rechecked. Why would they restrict quadruped agathions from taking the mount evolution?

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Basically, chain your summoner back up and take him away from society play. Summoners get no love there.

I do not know if the Monstrous Companion feat is legal either, but it will likely be your best option.

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The Unchained Summoner's raison d'etre is that the APG summoner is overpowered. If you have a choice (in PFS you do not have a choice) use the original version.

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yeah, the mount thing is just the biggest derp, unchained summoner chains fluff and mechanics too much.

Apg summoner is superior to unchained in every way.

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I'm working on building a mounted Halfling Summoner for PFS (just hit level 2) so I'm suffering the same issues. While my own Demonic Arachnid concept is working out decently from a roleplaying perspective, most concepts are knocked flat on their arse by the one-two punch of alignment restrictions and harsh subtype requirements for the evolutions.

If you want to do the LG thing and still run it mounted style, you could always use the Mount spell early on, then Summons when they start proving to be worth your while. Heck, even your Eidiolon can pick up a lance and build for making its own mounted charges if you want to run a pair of knights instead of a knight and his mystical mount.

But the real kicker is going to be the Evo points. Your own character will be severely feat restricted if you want to focus lance charges, so no Extra Evo feats either. Mount is core and Reach is about the same, since you really want to get it to charge with you. If you want to go Large at level 8, then your entire evolution pool has been mapped out, flavorful options be damned. And even without that, something like Claws/Wings/Tail to make it actually look like a dragon will eat it up.

My advice is to focus on a Lawful OR a Good character, and get an Elemental that's flavored off of the Metallic Dragons. It really really sucks, but it's your best shot until Paizo comes out with some expansion content for the Unchained classes that adds extra Eidolon subtypes.

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