a box for the Harrow deck?

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I'm trying to find a box to hold my new Harrow deck. The deck is just large enough that regular playing card boxes, of which there are some pretty cool ones, will not fit. I'd really like to give you guys some money for a cool box to store my Harrow deck in. Is it possible that you're going to make such a thing, or are you making it now and I just have failed to find it?

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I'd consider getting a golarion themed harrow box, but there are several cheap tarot boxes that work perfectly and are readily available from a multitude of sources.

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Do you have any examples? It can be hard to tell what might work and what won't.

Scarab Sages

Any 4"x 6" box should do. if you google or amazon search "Tarot Card Box" you'll get several hits.

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We have no plans to make such a box.

Found a nice wood box on Etsy to hold mine.

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