Can a Lini / Feiya team: can they make it?

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My son and I started in on S&S using Lini and Feiya. Both characters are a ton of fun. However, we had a really tough time with the very first scenario, just because it had Shark Island. Both characters have to spend cards to attack, and the combination of fight to start turn, fight henchman, fight to close location was a bit much.

Can these two go the distance by themselves, or are we going to need to add someone that can fight without cycling cards as part of the team?

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Lini is a very effective fighter as time goes on, although I have no experience with Feiya. Remember to use location powers to your advantage: Shark Island only hits you with a Hammerhead Shark at the start of your turn, so you can start elsewhere and then move to Shark Island (and after moving explore as much as possible in hopes that you can close it that turn).

I think you'll be fine, but you may have to come up with some creative solutions to problems that neither Lini or Feiya are good at, and if you know ahead of time something is going to be rough, play around it as much as possible.

I wish you and your son good luck on Skulls and Shackles, and hope that you both have a blast playing it, I know I sure did!

Feiya is an absolute beast in S&S. She will take a littl ebit of time to get going, but once she does she is amazing. She combines the best base casting stat in the game, very powerful blessing support, solid sustainability, and ridiculously good support (that she can also give to her self). She is probably my favorite character from S&S,

It is probably a rough combination; they both take some development to get their feet under them. I would also be concerned that they both want animal allies, which is a pretty narrow range of cards.

I think it's totally doable, but you might be frustrated early on.

This combo is doable but probably won't hit stride until the second power feat.

Feiya wants to focus on her "Hex" Power "When any character at your location attempts a check to acquire a spell or defeat a monster..." and put power feats into that asap. This help her cycle her deck and at later levels recharging for essentially +6 to +9 is incredible... plus she can help Lini if they're are the same location.

Lini wants at least two if not three cures as soon as possible so that she can reliably discard a card for combat to get a d12 strength. Find her a decent weapon that doesn't require proficiency early on. Boarding pike might be good (gives you +1d4 when on a ship.) Consider taking the Weapon Power feat. In a three player game I played Lini was effective with falcatas, keen rapiers and keen falcatas (weapons that give you a bonus when you roll a 4 on a d4... she's got a d4 strength, the weapons give d4's, there's a snow cat animal companion that gives a d4, plus if in the same location a Feiya she can recharge a card to lower the difficulty. This is typically enough to take out lower difficulty monsters without needing to ditch a card for the d12 strength.)

Lini needs to focus on Wisdom and Strength in this character combination. Wisdom to recharge spells and Strength to fight. Consider using the loot ally (from adv 4 I think) who can be removed from the game for a skill feat on Lini so she can max both skills.

Feiya needs to focus on Intelligence... after what its whatever you feel you're running into the most.

Consider keeping them together... espeically after Feiya gets her Hex power really working as Feiya can recharge to help both characters.

That's my advise having played both characters. Have fun.

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