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So I was wondering if there was any way to get more attacks a round with a rapier without TWF or haste? Want to replicate the archetype of the rapier fighter who hits hundreds of time a second you see in some movies/animation. Anyone have any recomendations? I prefer magic items, spells, feats over class abilities unless the class abilities are easily dipped into.

The Hurtful feat will let you deal an extra swift-action attack with a successful Intimidate check, so Power Attack > Cornugon Smash > Hurtful will get you an extra hit on top of a charge or full attack - assuming you can succeed at intimidate.

It's possible to use flurry of blows with a rapier with the Crusader's Flurry feat; even one level of a class with flurry will add one strike per round, which is a major advantage for a martial character. Using a class based on flurry like a Monk, Sacred Fist or Brawler can get multiple extra attacks. For example, by level 10 a Sacred Fist can use Ki (or Hurtful), flurry of blows, and Divine Power (or Haste) to make 7 strikes with a full attack.

Both the Swashbuckler's Opportune Parry and Riposte ability (which can be picked up with the Amateur Swashbuckler feat) and the Crane Style feat chain will give you a potential counter-attack, possibly adding up to two strikes per round if you're attacked.

One thing that will help you reach the '100 hits' visual is flavoring your attacks such that every point of damage is a separate hit that got through in a rapid assault- these hits being so fast and close together that they affect a creature's damage resistance as a single strike [missed attack rolls result in that entire lunge missing as normal.]

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Crusader's Flurry with a deity that favors rapiers could work, but the actual best way to do this is to visual your "hits" as the aggregate result of several rapid strikes.

I'll just state the obvious—the speed enchantment is exactly what you want. It's also crazy 'spensive, of course.

It also doesn't stack with the most common buff spell [and a less common but quality buff spell a Cleric might cast if Haste isn't available/isn't being cast by an arcanist] in the game.

Sacred Fist Warpriest 4 is a very effective way to add a bonus flurry attack to a martial character, since the Sacred Fist levels also bag you a +3/+3 swift-action self-buff and other very useful stuff.

Hurtful is the easier feat-based solution, assuming that you have charisma, or strength, or intelligence and the Bruising Intellect trait, or wisdom and an Inquisition that bases intimidate off of wisdom.

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A magus using spell combat can hit twice per round at second level. They're very fast.

Yeah I am building a swashbuckler/duelist focusing on riposte/parry and had a couple more feats left over so was hoping to get some extra attacks.

My build is currently Swashbuckler 5/ Master of Many styles unchained monk 1/ Duelist 5. I could do Crusader 4 after that if the campaign keeps going past lvl 11.

I have two feat slots open before lvl 11 so it would be hard to do the hurtful. Unless there is a way to get the menacing swordplay deed down to a free action...

My only question is if the Crusader Sacred Fist would work since I have already replaced Flurry of Blows from monk?

And of course any more recommendations are welcome.

Lord Phrofet wrote:
My only question is if the Crusader Sacred Fist would work since I have already replaced Flurry of Blows from monk?

Not without flurry and channel energy from somewhere else; Sacred Fist 4 can do it by 15 if you really want to go that road. I guess dipping one level of Cleric and one level of Sacred Fist could do it, but that's messy and not likely worth it. In general, Extra Attacks aren't easy to get - if they were, everyone would do it. Stuff like rapier flurry or Hurtful is better off planned from the start.

Boots of Speed.

Guru-Meditation wrote:
Boots of Speed.

Still don't stack with Haste, but if you're the only member of your party who heavily benefits from Haste you might as well save the caster the actions and spell slots.

Is there any trait or magic item that will get the swashbuckler menacing swordplay to a free action? Because power attack and hurtful would be a good feat combo but I am already using a swift that turn.

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kyrt-ryder wrote:
One thing that will help you reach the '100 hits' visual is flavoring your attacks such that every point of damage is a separate hit that got through in a rapid assault- these hits being so fast and close together that they affect a creature's damage resistance as a single strike [missed attack rolls result in that entire lunge missing as normal.]

^ this

Damage is abstract. Just describe how you deal damage as "a whole bunch of small hits" instead of one big one.

Doomed and Kyrt: Yeah I understand that. It would be nearly impossible to actually get that whole "blur of attacks" but figured I would get closer with some actual more attacks.

If you are willing to sell your soul, you can get another attack a round with two levels in this class.

Granted, you'll be selling your teammates' souls, too.

How... how is that selling souls?

Rules wrote:
A wild rager's rage functions as normal, except that when she reduces a creature to 0 or fewer hit points, she must attempt a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 the barbarian's level + the barbarian's Constitution modifier) or become confused. For the remainder of her current turn, she attacks the nearest creature other than herself.

So you need to save or murder your teammates. Additionally, the tougher/stronger/higher level you are, the harder it is to make this save. And you need to make this save whenever you kill somebody- killing people is mostly what you'll be doing.

Frenzied Berserker did it first [while being more dangerous.] It's not difficult to work around, and this only applies to the Rage which- if you're dipping for 2 levels- you won't be using in most fights anyway.

Yeah, but if you take it and don't use it, why spend your levels on it?

Figurative sense. "Selling your soul" as in, "be an evil player".

I didn't say you wouldn't use it. I'm estimating it will last at most 2 fights per day when most days are expected to be 4-5 fights.

And that when you do use it, there are ways of dealing with the confusion.

Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Figurative sense. "Selling your soul" as in, "be an evil player".

Not just an evil player, but a bad player. Nobody likes that guy who tosses down fireballs in the middle of the party. Same thing goes for the player who almost deliberately neglects his will saves. Unnecessarily endangering your party is bad form.

Kyrt-ryder isn't wrong, though. The rage can be managed. Confusion has far, far less than a 1 in 4 chance of hurting a teammate. You have to fulfill several conditions.

1. You must fail the Will save, of course.

2. No enemy still alive can have attacked you this round. Outside of boss fights, this will be a rarity. Barbarians tend to attract attacks.

3. Nearest conscious entity must be an ally. Guys, this isn't hard to avoid (especially considering a rapier isn't going to kill anyone very quickly). Just don't be too near the barbarian and let him get swarmed.

4. You must then roll a 4. This will result in some damage being inflicted upon an ally—probably not much, unless they were dumb enough to get within 5-foot step range.

Next round, you get to start the entire cycle over again.

I kind of miss Frenzied Berserker. ;D

The Wild rager doesn't become confused as the spell. It just says confused and attacks the nearest creature for the remainder of the round. Confusion only operates as you describe if something specifies "as per the spell".

This would be interesting to have- if you could get it on an amulet of natural armor.

Oh, derp. My mistake, then—the first round, they do risk attacking an ally. Following that round, though, the confusion works as per the spell. "On the following round, refer to the confusion spell to determine her actions."

The going crazy and killing people isn't a problem. You don't need to rage to get the extra attack, so you don't need to be in a position where you can kill you teammates.
What is a problem is mixing monk (lawful), and barbarian (non-lawful).

It wouldn't be bad but as Shakalaka said the big issue would be mixing the two classes.

EDIT: Unless there is a better 1 lvl dip that will give improved unarmed strike, a bonus feat and full BAB? Instead of MOMS unchained monk?

So there is the unarmed fighter which would give me what I want but the unchained monk gives me an additional 2 skill points, stunning fist (meh but still its something additional), and wis to AC.

So no nifty rapier AoO shenanigans?

Also how about whirlwind attack?

Thanael: Nifty rapier AoO shenanigans? Is this a thing? If so please point me in the proper direction. As for whirlwind attack It is a bit too circumstantial for my taste (not to mention feat intensive).

Parry&riposte + fortuitous rapier is the simplest form to get reliable AoO with rapier

If you want you can add crane style+wind+riposte for another attack (3 vs the first attack you parry)

Shroudb: I am already doing crane style, hence the dip into MoMS unchained monk. I do not know what you mean by "wind". Also Crane riposte would only let me do TWO AoOs vs the first parry unless I am taking the total defense action which would limit my offensive capability dramatically.

And Fortuitous does not work with the swashbuckler's riposte because you spend an immediate action to attack them back not a AoO although it does work with crane style and possible shenanigans of combing swashbuckler parry with duelist riposte.

When Thanael said nifty rapier AoO shenanigans I though there was something specific to rapier that I didn't know about and could use.

No I was thinking of nothing specific.

Thanael: Damn, you got my hopes up!

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