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We play all kinds of games form 10AM - 11PM the second saturday of each month (typically). We have a reliable PFS society sanctioned group that churns out 2-3 games per slot - 10-2, 2:30-6:30, and 7-11. We encourage folks to try GMing and a lot of folks have gotten their feet wet as a GM. There are enough folks that know their stuff and don't mind a GM that is not 100% up on society rules or PF game rules.

There are also miniatures, board games, indie RPGs, D&D, and more. We run a 3 day con in early November and will be at the Moroeville con center for even more fun.

We recently lost our venue and have been meeting at a temporary place that has been a lot less temprary that we would have liked but still draw from 50-75 people at the height of the day. Once we get a better venue locked in that should rise.

Do a web search on GASP gaming for more info.

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