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Hello everyone! I have a question for my game as we have just finished Palace of Fallen Stars.

Zaidow got very smart in the first fight, and after they smacked him around quickly and suddenly in his personal chambers he retreated to meet with Gryne and her kyton allies. He convinced them to aid him in a final stand against the PCs, assuring that destroying them will help both of the groups (Unity and the Chapel of Rent Flesh) realize a common goal.

All but Krimox and Zaidow were slain, many of the heroes were wounded and tired, and the plasma ooze that the heroes accidentally let out by turning off the generators to the area. The ooze burst into the fight, and the heroes had already seen the ravenous mass consume a kyton in a matter of seconds, so the heroes fled the room, hoping to leave the plasma ooze with Zaidow and Krimox and let them fight each other. However, Krimox made his Knowledge (dungeoneering) check to recognize the power of such a creature and urged that they escape if their goal was to become reality. So Zaidow used his teleport spell to evacuate them both to Silver Mount to fight the heroes another day.

So my question is this: where do they end up in the next book? I have found only that Zaidow's morale entry claims that he retreats to the Silver Mount and to look to the next book for more details, but I have found no details.

Does Zaidow appear in The Dvinity Drive in any place of my choice? Or is there a more specific place that the book says he should appear in?

It's really up to you as GM when to introduce him at the dramatically appropriate time.

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