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I rebuilt a PFS character with 1 XP into a vigilante for a game last night, 6-22 Out of Anarchy.

The character is a kitsune stalker whose vigilante identity is a Pathfinder in his native kitsune form, who is in it to help kill people and take their stuff. His social identity is a human bum who sits on the street corner at the end of the adventuring day with "the end is nigh" signs occasionally yelling at people about the end of the world. (With profession beggar for his day job.) Quite literally a murder hobo.

As you might expect the main identity is the vigilante - I don't expect the social identity to ever come up much or interact with the other PCs. For me this solves the dilemma of how to handle multiple personalities within PFS and it worked out well I think.

Without saying too much about the scenario I was able to at least change into my social identity for a while during a roleplaying section to scout and gather information without drawing unwanted attention to the pathfinders. The rest of the time was spent in his vigilante identity.

Mechanically, the vigilante identity worked out just fine considering he's only first level. I don't mind that hidden strike just uses d4s most of the time, although I have never played a rogue sort before.

I like the fact that I had enough skills to contribute outside of combat, having put a rank in both diplomacy and bluff.

Overall I was able to contribute without overshadowing the other PCs, enjoyed playing as a vigilante, and am excited to play the character more at higher levels.

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