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What is your favorite spell to cast, including your favorite metamagic enhancements to put on it?

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Not much for metamagic, myself.

However, baleful polymorph is my One True Love.

Quickened Ill Omen is pretty great, especially once you have CL10.

Intensified Battering Blast with a CL raised to 15 is unreasonably nasty.

If you have either an Evoker Wizard with Admixture or a Sorcerer Bloodline that lets you convert spells to [cold], you can use Rime to great effect. Rime Fireball is great, Rime Fiery Shuriken is amazing control - and perfect for a Gish type character with Opening Volley.

Assuming a GM agrees that Scorching Ray or Admonishing Ray are three separate damage 'events', Dazing Scorching Ray or Dazing Admonishing Ray fired at a single target forces a triple save-or-dazed...

Black Tentacles... so much fun! Oh and Dominate! I love playing enchanter sorcerers, i dont care that enchantment is one of the easiest schools to shut down. Wait a second... that sounded wrong

Summon Ancestral Guardians and Trial of Fire and Acid are pretty ridiculous spells for a Lesser Dazing Rod to affect.

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A summoner with black tentacles as a 3rd level spell, combined with a lesser dazing rod, sounds unpleasant.

A lesser persistent rod is always fun for those annoying 'gets a new save every round to break free' spells, like hold person.

Depends on character really. A chatacter i had corruped by a daemonic entity sure loves throwing boneshatter around. So nasty and entirely specialized with it.

That said, a fun truly horrible discovery i made was the trials of fire and acid spell mixed with burning spell. Take two potentially eh caster choices and make it deadly

My favorite metamagic combo is:

1. Have an Arcane Reservoir from the Arcanist class
2. Spend 1 Pt from the Reservoir to get +1 Caster Level
3. Cast the enhanced level spell into a scroll (you'll pay more but it'll be worth it)
4. Have the feat Cypher Magic; cast from the leveled up scroll for another +1 Caster Level bump

For the expenditure of gold over higher slots and a Move action to grab the scroll instead of slower casting time you've just gotten a spell Heightened 2 levels. Need an extra Magic Missile? Have to drop a couple more d6's on your Lightning Bolt? Extend the duration on a buff just a bit? This is a nice way to do it.

My Exploiter Wizard spellcaster, if she lives and the campaign continues to 5th level, will be taking Potent Magic as her next exploit meaning she can get a +2 Caster Level boost in part 2 above. Added to the fact that her familiar has Familiar Focus as a feat this means that, by level 5 she can create a CL 7 scroll of Mage Armor, cast it on her familiar, and have it last 9 hours. That's fun right?

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Did someone say exploiter? A new character I was going to be starting today in PFS is an Undine exploiter wizard.

I had wanted to make a character who used Nixie's Lure but had set it aside because the burst area meant the spell couldn't travel around walls and bring the monsters out of a dungeon to me. But recently Ranged Tactics Toolbox printed Seeking Spell which lets me finally use this awesome spell more effectively.

The only part left is to figure out what to do with them...

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Ragoz wrote:
But recently Ranged Tactics Toolbox printed Seeking Spell which lets me finally use this awesome spell more effectively.

I had some questions on this metamagic feat recently.

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As far as I can tell the metamagic changes the targeting rules when it asks you to identify an intended target.

Edit: On top of that this spell is a burst.

A burst spell affects whatever it catches in its area, including creatures that you can't see.

Toppling magic missile.

Granted not the best thing in the world but for some reason I just love it.

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Black Tentacles... so much fun!

Evan's Spiked Tentacles of Forced Intrusion?

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Thus far the only metamagic I've made use of is extend spell (and I do rather like the long duration buffs). That's all about to change as my DM has just gifted me with a custom metmagic rod that is imbued with any five metamegic feats of my choosing (the choice is permanent). It has five charges per day and I can apply one or more metamagics to a spell but it uses additional charges e.g. a quickened fireball would cost one charge, a quickened and maximised fireball would cost two etc. So I could use all five charges on a quickened, maximised, empowered, heightened and dazing fireball.

Chain Grease(3rd level slot via Magical Lineage and Wayang Spellhunter), although the games i've played in featured humanoid opponents more often than monstrous, so Grease's ability to disarm has always been useful.

Widened spiked pit. Gets up to gargantuan creatures. I'm finding widen to be better than a lot of folks seem to think.

I love hearing about what you like to do, keep them coming.

I'm a fan of widened and persistent black tentacles, I just wish I could make them selective.

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