HELP! I'm a Monk on a Pirate Ship!


So i joined a group of players who are playing Skulls & Shackles campaign which will eventually go on after the campaign book, 1 player dropped out so i was given his char sheet to play.

Jacob "Iron fist" Human
Unchained monk 1

(stats were rolled with 4d6 reroll 1's & 2's take highest 3 no stats higer than 18)

Str 12
Dex 16 (18)
Con 16
Int 14
Wis 18
Cha 16


1C: IUS, Stunning fist,
1CB: Dodge
1H: Weapon finesse
1: Weapon focus (unarmed strike)

now this is where i need the help, the char backstory says 2 things which the DM is strict on for this char.

1). he's sworn to use nothing but his fists only

2). he is appointed as a scout on the ship (meaning taking scout archtype for rogue)

While i'm ok with this, it just leaves me very limited to what i can use, should i go monk 1/scout 19?, do i go balanced 10/10, what can i do to achieve the best i can do in later levels to be a benefit rather than a hinderance to the group?

iirc the team is

Lizardfolk barberian
Tengu swashbuckler
Human Corsair (fighter)
Gnome bard.

your thoughts experts?

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Why would you be forced to take the scout rogue archetype just to be able to scout? Scouting can be done by any class, and need not be restricted to one particular archetype that doesn't actually scout any better than a single class monk.

What Imbicatus said.

The group you mention seems to be well represented by martial types. It lacks spellcasters, so I suspect the bard will be pushed into that role, leaving you clear to be the resident skill monkey. I would consider Monk1/rogue 19. Ships are excellent places for maneuver based fighting (up the rigging, across the sails, swinging on ropes) so any class with acrobatics/climb can have a lot of fun (although the swashbuckler will be doing this too, so don't tread on his toes). There is also room for sneaky types to sneak on board enemy vessels, kill the guards, etc. Your choice.

Yeah, the scout archetype is pretty misnamed. It's basically just a more mobile sneak attacker.

You should probably stay Monk all the way, but if you really want more of a combat scout, consider the Stygian Slayer.

first this AP Build so you only need to build till level 16.

Maneuver Master (Dirty Fighter) Monk 10/ cleric of Pharasma 4/ Shadow Dancer 2 Repose & Water domains
Dodge, mobility, Spring Attack, Believer's Boon, War Blessing (Repose)Divine Protection

Next you Party is beater heavy
Lizardfolk barbarian
Tengu swashbuckler
Human Corsair (fighter)
Gnome bard.

I would have the whole party multi class some.
Lizard folk barbarian 4 /Sorcerer 2 /Dragon Disciple 10
Tengu swashbuckler 10 rouge 6
Human Corsair (fighter)6 Warpriest 10
Gnome bard 12/ Arcane Archer 4

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