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Hey all! I was thinking about making a sort of DMPC to help craft for the party and act as a quest-giver for the party as they wrapped up their main quest right now.

I decided to make a Sorcerer who only uses Transmutation spells + whatever his bloodline gives him - but does NOT use any spells that modify himself (with effects like Beast Shape and such) - as he's pretty vain.

So I was looking for ideas to have some fun with this suboptimal playstyle.

First of all: I'm not sure on what Bloodline to pick.

1. Arcane is always useful. The idea of picking up Merciful Spell and eventually shooting Merciful Disintegrates makes me chuckle (how would that even look like?!) and using Metamagic Adept to use those spells normally. Arcane Bond on a staff could provide with extra power. Overall, a solid choice but not too exciting.

2. Protean is the transmutation bloodline, but I'm not entirely too hot on it. I like it enough though. Just not sure how useful its powers are gonna be.

3. Nanite seems also pretty good, Powers are very defensive though, not sure how much use will I give to the poison ability.

Second: I'm not sure what would be some cool gear for this dude.

Basically that, yeah.

Finally: race and traits.

I'm thinking Mordant Envoy Half-Elf for +1 CL to transmutation spells and Fey Thoughts to get Perception and perhaps Disguise as class skills. Any cooler choices?

For trait, Transmuter of Korada ftw.

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Well if crafting is the main goal...the Impossible bloodline is your best choice, since you will get to ignore the requirements for many spells (up to 4 spells ignored at the end level 20). Since you are going Half-Elf, you can use the humans favored class bonus for spells known and keep adding spells. The impossible bloodline doesn't do anything special for your transmutation. As an added bonus, you get to treat constructs as if they were living creatures for the purposes of your spells and can cast enchantment spells on them too.

If you just want to buff, Martyred (could even give some interesting fluffs to have a character like that) could be an interesting choice.

Beside that for a buffer nowadays with transmutation just a side suggestion:

Brown-fur transmuter (Arcanist archetype) are excellent at it and quite possibly the best at it.

Arcanist are sadly prepared casters. I only play spontaneous casters for: Reasons.

I love impossible powers, but the Arcana, Feats and Spells are meh.

My top suggestion: Destined
The spells are great for support, the arcana and feats can help him survive in combat, and the abilities are a bit of both.

Other than that and the ones you've already mentioned, you might want to consider going wildblooded.
Sage has many of the benefits of arcane, but you use intelligence to cast, which is better for crafting and other skills.
Warped looks fun and thematic, with some interesting spells, weird little bonuses to polymorphs, and several transmutation themed powers.

CRB = Destined
APG = You said you did not like protean.... So take a look at Starsoul. Lots of cool bonus spells, neat abilitys, and you can select Craft Rods, as one of your Bonus Feats.

Secret Wizard wrote:

Arcanist are sadly prepared casters. I only play spontaneous casters for: Reasons.

I love impossible powers, but the Arcana, Feats and Spells are meh.

First off, I love your guide to VMC :3

Second, Arcanists are both spontaneous and prepared, and you can absolutely treat it as a spontaneous caster if you prefer to play it that way.

Third, even if you don't want to play as an arcanist, you could always go into the Sylvan wildblood and then transmute your animal companion for the x shape feats. It's always funny to transmute your tiger into a tiger to give it bonuses to strength.

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Does it need to be a sorcerer to accomplish being a crafter for DMPC?

I really like the brown fur transmitter arcanist. You can still strictly cast transmutation spells like a sorcerer.

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