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My local game shop was getting the package and so I was there to GM. I had my son as well as three new players on my table. We all had a great time.

The group decided to 'sabotage' the competition as they got some idea that the other goblins were preparing something. Too bad they didn't realize until too late that they partly sabotaged themselves. But hey - we did play goblins didn't we.

Charging the vine also didn't seem that sensible - but hey - they survived.

The highlight was the live capture of the harpy (after a grapple/pin and a failed !! coup de grace). There will be a new game for the bird crunchers - killgull with a harpy. The grappler claimed the (still living) harpy as prize and now plans to use her for future killgull games.

What could possibly go wrong with such a plan??

So yes - everyone - GM included - had lots of fun.

Silver Crusade

Harpy...tastes like chicken??

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