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I'm working on a Wayang unchained rogue, and thinking it would be fun to use the alternate racial trait Dissolution's Child, which is a supernatural ability, without needing to worry about the daily usage. So my question is, does the spell Recharge Innate Magic really only recharge spell-like abilities?

The text seems pretty clear that it recharges spell-like abilities, but it also says it recharges "innate magic abilities," and a racial trait seems to qualify for that. I'm fairly confident it's limited to Sp abilities, but I wanted see what views I got here.

By the way, this is for PFS, so I can't just ask my GM how he'd rule on this.


Starfinder Charter Superscriber

The first sentence would be considered a "fluff" description of what the spell accomplishes. The second sentence would be the "crunch" effects it grants.

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